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Walter's theory?


My dick is getting bigger and I am not putting hours of hard work. I put in a hour and a half of jelqing a week.

Dino, why didn’t you try cutting back on your jelqing, rather than switch to hanging, when the gains stopped? I can understand that someone might hang if they had a lot of time to waste and had little concern for potential injury. But why are you doing it?

I might be talking to a stone wall again. I imagine that you, like many others, will respond to your plateau by working even harder. Do I think some people on this list are “retarded,” Dino? No, but, I do think that there are some who turn a deaf ear to reason.


I am going to use restraint and allow some other guys to reply to our buddy Walter’s continuing thrashing of hanging, and his insistence that those of us who put any time into PE are un”reason”able- rather than just suggesting his alternative and letting it go at that.

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I’m 46 and I mean no disrespect but if an hour and a half a week of jelquing was all it took I’d be making a fortune being a porn star by now.

If you’re young and also tend to start on the low end I can see where 1 1/2 hours will provide decent gains but once the “easy” gains are gone gaining more and more does require more effort. Sure people go to extremes and go overboard. but going to the other extreme of less just doesn’t work for all people.

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When I see someone that’s negative about something I do a search on his previous posts to understand if there is a reason for his views. :)

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You see walter I don’t find much sense in your comment other than that you might be talking to stone wall again.

Why would someone be wasting their time hanging and not say manual stetching? They’re both effective right? I assume that’s what you do. What do you do and why is it not a waste of time like hanging is?

As far as potential injury goes, yes there is risk and some would say it takes patience and a degree of intelligence to avoid. That being said hanging may not be for you.

walter, you do come across as being stubborn and tunnel-visioned. Maybe take a wider look at those possibilities.



“I’m 46 and I mean no disrespect but if an hour and a half a week of jelquing was all it took I’d be making a fortune being a porn star by now.”

I mean no disrespect to you, but unless you have tried a one on-one off or a one on-two off routine you can not criticize them.

“If you’re young and also tend to start on the low end I can see where 1 1/2 hours will provide decent gains but once the “easy” gains are gone gaining more and more does require more effort.”

My experience has proven this to be absolutely false as a working principle. Plateaus are caused by overwork. Rest is required when the penis is overworked. If you accept that the penis is not a muscle, then why should we believe it gets “stronger” over time and needs more resistance and longer sessions? If jelqing produces gains initially and, then, the gains stop, we can assume it is from overdoing it.

As far as my “tunnel-vision” goes, I have been PEing and reading these posts long enough to have some idea of what I speak of. I have tried various routines. I will not go into detail about my history of experimenting with bad routines because anyone can look at my posts in the archives.

Walter's theory?

Ok walter on the suggestion of one of the mods I wanted to start this thread so we don’t get off topic in dino’s thread.

Again like i said in the other thread I’m 46, I have tried your less is more and yes when you are starting out you can see results from a program like that if you are one of the lucky ones.

Some people won’t get your results or they get them initially and then hit the wall. At that point you have to put in more effort than your one day on one day off, at some point it just doesn’t work anymore.

I also was not around before you came back and started posting as walter but I did review your posts since you came back.

You stated that the 1st girl you showed your penis to made fun of it’s size. correct me if I’m wrong but that tells me you are young and probably not that big to start with.

You also stated that you were jelqing 6 hours a day. Well gee yes that’s a little too much and definately overworking, no wonder you didn’t see any results.

The problem is that you went to the other extreme and just assumed that a very light jelqing program would give you great results. Well in your case it does but probably because you are still young and have a lot of potential. You ARE going to hit the wall using your program, when you do you’ll have to resort to the same type of routines you are preaching against.

After a few more years of experience you’ll understand what I mean. There is alot of good people on this board with a lot more experience than you and you can preach your theories all you want but until you have the experience that some of the vets have here your advice is going to fall on deaf ears.

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I appreciate you going back and reading my original posts on this. I am fully prepared to accept the possibility that my gains might stop using such a program. Until they do though, I am going to gradually decrease the amount of time I spend on PE from month to month until I find the ideal routine. If I find that I have to resort to a routine that requires more work, I have enough respect for the truth to admit to everyone on this list how much effort I need to grow.

You are correct in assuming I was small. That is why I have been trying so hard to find the best way to gain. I am 24. I don’t know if that’s had anything to do with my initial gains with this program. I think you are right. I should probably experiment for at least a few more months before I really start criticizing the routines that appear to be nonsensical.

It would really help me if others would be willing to experiment. I would rather hear, “I tried a one on-one off and gained nothing this month,” than, “A one on-one off will not work because it just won’t.”

At any rate, I have a little over two weeks left in the month of October. If I can report that I’ve gained anything, I am going to try a one on-three off. If I gain nothing, I am going to try a one on-one off again, but reduce the amount of time spent on jelqing from 30 to 25 min.


I used to do a 4 days on 2 off routine 20 min in the morning and 20 min at night and it worked great for me. Than I tried a much longer once a day work out 6 days a week and guess what it also worked great, but than the gains started getting harder and harder. So I may change my workout back to my to short workouts or I may try one short workout. I also have been thinking about taking a month off and giving my dick time to rest. because at this point I think no matter what kind of work out I do my gains are going to be slow. That’s why I’m trying hanging it’s new and my ligs might give me a quick .25 or .5 before they say no way bro. Walter your idears are sound it’s your delivery that needs work. You just need to respect that everybody is different and what works for you may not work for anybody else.


I experienced the same problem you did. I was doing 15 minutes of jelqing for five days a week and my gains were great, about 1/2.” The gains then stopped coming two months after. I believe it was because increased my time from 15 min to an hour some days. I never actually needed to increase the amount of time, but I did so because I got greedy.


There is nothing wrong with your theory as long as you are seeing results, so for now keep doing what you’re doing :) If it works, it works.

Just realize that the routine that works for you may not work for others. There is no one program that works for everyone. Even BiB has found people who have hung for 6 months that didn’t see any gains.

If you keep doing the same routine the body adapts to it, I guess that’s one reason we have to keep making changes. I think that’s why everyone keeps changing their routines and experimenting. The body says “hey I know how to handle this” and adapts to it so progress stops. That’s when it’s time to try something different, change up the routine and stress the body in a different way it’s not use to.

I guess the bottom line is that we have to continualy keep making changes to our routines, once our bodies adapt to that stress, the current routine stops working and then we have to move on to the next stress. (example do a different style of jelq, add more weight when hanging, hang over the sholder instead of between the cheeks, do a horse squeeze, pump at a higher pressure… get the idea? )

That’s the REAL reason there is no one routine, or one answer, continual change is what works, stressing new areas in different ways so our bodies never have the chance to adapt, by keeping making changes we keep growing and growing and growing and ….. :) :)

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I hate to chime in but

Let me throw in my few cents worth.

Let’s not forget the stimulus to growth involves other factors then the amount of time you put in…I consists of Time AND amount of stress. This is the problem I see with jelqing you have no way to gauge the amount of stress you put in your dick. What if this time you go a little softer than the last time? You might be blaming poor gains on your frequency or duration of work outs but you fail to see the other side of the stimulus equation. Once again, “Jelqing provides no accurate way to indicate, or increase the amount/level of stress/tension you place on your dick.” You have no idea what level of stress you are adapting to, and how to increase this stress the next time.

Of course you see gains initially, just like most people get stronger the first couple of times they go to a gym. But, the point is you have no idea HOW you got those gains. That is probably why people see gains, than they dry up. Clearly ,you can see the flaws in this. Nonetheless, people do it in the gym and in PE. This is why I see hanging as more of an accurate method of PEing, for the siple fact you can dictate time and amount of stress (lbs.).

In layman’s terms again: you wouldn’t just run into a gym and start picking up any old dumbell you saw with out looking at how much it weighed, then pick up a different one the next time, with out ever looking at the actual weight. Then, complain about not getting any gains etc.

So I gotta ask you jelqers? How DO you gauge the stress?

Think about it……..

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I’m going to throw a monkey wrench into your argument, take a look at gymnysts. Many of them have gotten very muscular solely by physical stress using the body’s own weight, How about the swimmer’s back, the dancer’s legs.

The gauge of the stroke of a jelquer may not be measured in pounds but you can gauge stress by the amount of pump you get, the amount of fatigue you get. If you’re a hanger it’s the same signal that tells you that you can’t do another set at 15 lbs and have to decrease your weight for the next set.

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I’ll let the vets answer with lengthy posts, but one word:

These guys obviously know what works for them. Look at the Data page. Besides, why come down on them? We are all here for one reason, to share knowledge, and make personal gains.
Some people have too much time, I swear.


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