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Walter's theory?


TwatTeaser- you said ‘What’s you talking about Willis?’

Was that an intentional pun? (willis/willies :p ) If so it was good. If not it was still good.



Most guys here start off slow & build up. I was on a 1-on, 1-off routine in the beginning - until the gains dried up. In order for those tissues to keep growing, we need to up the work levels, because they eventually get used to the stimulus and no longer adapt.

While I agree, in principle, that less is more oftentimes, I think you need to realize that 1.5 hours of jelqing per week for a seasoned vet like Dino would do nothing to promote further gains.

And I disagree with your dis of hanging. I’m going to give hanging a real shot - when I can (it’s just a time/privacy issue for me now).


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