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Walter's theory?


The only answer I can give you is from my own experience. I have been fascinated with the thought of increasing the size of my penis for years, except I found it on my own, I didn’t know the “correct” way to do it or if it even worked. A little over a year ago I heard the term jelqing for the 1st time, soon after I found and my learning began.

After learning the terminology, what I have been doing for years consists of ulis and stretchs. Your theory of consistent work doesn’t work for me, I’ve already tried it, maybe you will have better luck. I wish it was that simple, I’d could of been a porn star by now, not that I want to. :)

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I appreciate your display of good manners in asking me to better explain my position. Some fail to realize that it always helps to understand a position before you try to criticize it.

My eight months of experience with jelqing, manual stretching, and hanging have led me to following conclusion: overtraining can lead to a growth plateau.

My first month of PE I trained for twenty minutes a day five days a week, doing only manual stretches and jelqing. I gained .5 inch this way. The next month I increased my time to a half hour a day. I did this assuming that I could gain more by doing more work. I was greedy. In addition, the PE literature suggested that this was necessary. I gained .25 of an inch, and assumed that I gained less because my penis *adapted* to the stress.

After I joined forums like this one, I learned a few people gained .5 inch or more a month and used routines that included anywhere from one to ten hours worth of work. I increased my time jelqing and stretching from one hour a day to six on somedays. For three months I gained nothing. I, then, constructed a Bib hanger and hung 10-15 pds. for four weeks, from five to seven days a week. And, still nothing.

In the month of September, I tried a one on-off routine. I jelqed for a half hour and stretched for ten to fifteen minutes on my working days. I gained .25 of an inch.

Now what does this mean, you might ask.

I gained just as much as Jelktoid did last month doing a only fraction of the work he did. In fact, I probably gained more than some of the other vets on this forum. And, it only took me 2 hours of PE a week to gain.

My position is that many may be working harder than you have to to induce growth. Further, if my experience tells us anything, it is that you are mistaken if you assume more work, instead of more rest days, can *shock* the penis into growing.

If you accept that the penis is not a muscle, then it will not get *stronger* over time. Some people in this thread have suggested that by increasing the time and work in your routine you will break a plateau. They ground this assumption on the idea that the penis adapts to a certain level of stress and, therefore, requires more work to grow. If this were the case, then my gains would not have decreased the second month of PE.

My suggestion is that if you carefully plan your routine you can avoid a plateau. I am not here to criticize anyone, but the routines on these lists are not products of dilligent experimentation. The 5 on-2 off model may be detrimental to gains. Many hargainers might gain more if they think about what they are doing. PE requires you to use your head, just as much as your hands.

And you are lead to believe that the short workout time was responsible for the gain and the previous work, at longer times, had nothing to do with it?

It will be interesting to see what your progress is next month and the following month.

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I believe the gain was from the shortened routine. I gained an eighth of an inch within the first three weeks and another eighth within the next week or so.

I too am interested to see if gain this month with a one on-two off. If not, then hey, you live and you learn. If I do, then I’ll go to 1 on-3 off. My hunch is that I can continue to grow with a one on-four off routine. I say this because after a four day break a few months ago, I broke a plateau. At any rate, I am going to try to hunt for the best routine for me over the next several months. I am not afraid to try anything either.


One on four off? that’s funny. Good luck. That’s like doing 10 push ups a day and thinking your going to be build like Arnold. But that’s your opinion and I respect that


Arnold from Different Strokes maybe.

(sorry I couldn’t resist) :)

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Hi Walter,
You know you sound just like one of those pay sites.
They make claims to be able to make you grow a huge penis in virtually no time at all.
Of course they always claim that their methods are 100 times easier than you have tried or been told before!
I keep expecting you to announce your site any minute & more than worth it price of?????????

Maybe you have discovered a break though in PE. One that requires little or no effort!

Or your just lucky & your penis is not through growing yet!!

Keep up your gains & best of luck


Well Walter, we can agree to disagree about the plateau and overworking stuff. :)

As far as your routine goes, I wish you good luck man and sincerely hope your gains keep coming.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Thanks Yguy. I’ll keep everyone posted.

I agree with you walter or at least this has been my experience too. It’s like we take a backwards approach to pe. Some will hit a “plateau” and do more to try and break through it. Or even use shock routines. Or they will rest (a better idea, just needs to be applied a little more consistently). What I do, even though I have been consistently growing using day on day off with ocassional two day rests, , and this stuff is addictive once your dick is big enough where people say, you have a big dick, is I lessen what I do usually - take a break (two dayers). Its the same thing really as increasing your stress, except you have a lot more time to read a book or go skiing or have sex or something and you don’t hurt your dick. If you lessen the work you put in, you weaken or make the penis less resistant to stress therefor setting it up for gains again. Just like you do when you do long rests from long routines. Except you are resting more frequently and recovering from much less damage at any given time. Not sure of the exact growth mechanism involved and it doesn’t seem like anyone else is either.

However, this way imo does require some patience and belief. I think a two month trial should prove whether this way will work for a given individual. It took me a month to let go of the 5 on and 2 off scehdule - even after I started to see the better results with more rest days. Its very difficult to do one on and one off and stay focused. I’d argue its a lot more difficult then some 3 hour a day routine because the inclination is to do more and it can be real tough to lay back. So I usual recommend day on day off but with a warning of it’s much tougher to do than it looks.

I think a lot of people are afraid they might lose whatever gains they have made if they take more days off. This is irrational.

This week, I had to go three days without jelqing. I wanted to stick to a 1 on-2 off as closely as possible, but I couldn’t avoid that one extra day off. When I jelqed after this three day break, it almost felt like it felt when I was a newbie. Each stroke felt productive and my dick was tingling a little bit. Whether or not this will produce a gain remains to be seen, but it felt productive.

I agree, I often get the urge to sneak in an extra five minutes, but I stop myself and I might be rewarded for it later.


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