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I’ve been visualizing my penis as an 8” by 5.25” for the last few weeks. I started back again, just pulling and jelqing at first, and now I’m getting my feet wet with hanging. I’ve also started a diet, which I have lost about 13lbs in 2 weeks time. I can stand to lose an easy 100lbs. I know once I get my hanging down to a science and can put in 2-4 hours per day, my gains will be there. I know it, I can see it, and I will not doubt it. I can see the changes my penis and I will go through. I see myself gaining an inch and a half, which puts me at an ebpm of 8.75”. After that I see myself losing the 100lbs shrinking my fat pad at least 2”-2.25” So I will have approx. 7.75 of visible cock. Thats an easy one to call an 8 incher to anyone. The first time around I didn’t see it, I just pulled and yanked and measured all the dam time. From not seeing gains, to seeing gains that weren’t there, to feeling so frustrated because I fucked up measuring I almost pulled my dick off and hurt myself. So, I am smarter, clearer in my mind, and much more relaxed about this than the first time. Just wanted to share my mindset with you guys.

That is awesome man! Great news, visualization is so important.

Life is a game! You win some you lose some! The only easy day was yesterday Just be happy :)

It sounds as though you have your shit together. I don’t even know you, but judging from what you wrote, I beleive you can have eveything that you are after. Hang in there (no pun intended).


Great stuff man. Reading your post I have no doubt you will reach your goals, I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you guys for your replys. I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone in my position. I notice that in my experiences, I tend to get nervous, frustrated and annoyed quick. Then instead of taking a deep breath, looking at it again, asking myself questions, I develop the ” If it doesn’t fit, get a bigger hammer ” frame of mind. That really hurt me last year. I was really nervous I had hurt myself permanently. Then I gave up totally, but I kept up reading the board, and that gave me the determination to try again. This time, I read everything again, and again and again. I came at it totally relaxed, totally calm, and totally confident.

The first thing I had to do was accept the way I am now. My size, shape everything. Doing this was so important-because now I have nothing to lose. There is more to life than a big or bigger dick. There are all types of woman. Not all of them care about a big dick. Find them, date them and thats it. Not everyone can be Casanova. Not everyone can be Einstein. Be who you are and smile.

I hear what you’re saying. Every time I didn’t get anything extra when I measured, I’d freak and just think that a few fevered jelqs would make it bigger. That was mostly around September. Before and after that, things were and are good.

PE works, I can finally say. It just takes time. So welcome aboard the Gain Train. Next stop is Hung City. I agree with you that an air of calmness is important. Getting nervous and irritated will probably just decrease one’s effectiveness in the exercises and weaken your body in the long run. So let’s all be Miles Davis when we start those jelqs.

Everybody’s got some kind of greatness inside them, and life is just a chance to find it, be it big or small. Preferably big, with a well-formed glans. PE is a great place to start in that task.

Good luck.

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