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Venous leakage curable?


Venous leakage curable?

I read some weeks ago something interesting. Can’t remember where.

A doc said, that venous leakage occurs, because the chambers are not thick enough to clamp the blood vessels between…(sorry forgot the name, maybe tunica?)…and prevent the blood draining.

Does this mean, that PE, whitch makes the chambers bigger could cure this?
Is there any change to let grow the chambers more than the tunica?
Could erect jelqing help this? Or maybe make it worse?

Could a bigger/stronger PC muscle play a important role? If so, should it be stronger or bigger? Bigger yould mean, that whe should exercise it not every day, but stronger (like weight lifting).

good luck whith discussing :-)

"venous leakage"


I doubt that the size or capacity of the cavernosa have anything to do with the condition or that the PC muscle plays a role in in this. If cavernosa capacity were a factor, then men with small capacity would have venous leakage, which is not at all the case.

If you suspect you have this (you can get an erection or a parital but you lose it much sooner than you should during sex) ask your urologist about a Dopler sonogram test.

Using a cock ring to “trap” an erection is pretty effective against venous leakage and Viagra works very well in many whose degree of leakage is not severe.

As for a cure, surgeons have made good strides in the surgical repair proceedure. A decade ago they could only claim about 50% success whereas today experienced surgeons are saying they are successful in about 80% of cases. To anyone considering vascular surgery for venous leakage: find a surgeon who has done penile vascular surgery _many_ times and has a good track record. Best to work with cock rings and erectile medications before doing anything as invasive as surgery, imo.



Hey, I know that this thread has been dead for a very long long time, but I don’t believe that I have posted enough to be allowed to start my own thread. Therefore, I am going to ask my questions here, as it is related. 4.5 weeks ago I had venous ligation surgery with an extremely well respected surgeon who has had a great success rate. Before doing the surgery I was able to obtain the contact information for a few guys around my age (26) who had gotten it done by this same surgeon. They were all incredibly happy with the results (of course I thought about the possibility that I was only given the contact info of happy customers). I don’t know whether I was born with this leak or if I caused it myself. I lean towards the latter since I started my PE career WAY over-zealously. I never did the newbie routine, I jumped right into clamping and occasionally tried to leave the clamp on at reduced pressure for hours, I jelqued for 30 minutes at a time with no experience, etc. Basically, I fucked myself up and I wish I could go back and do this right. I eventually got the hang of this and did the newbie routine and slowly started to see real gains, but there was a problem… My cock didn’t work properly!

The point of this post is simply to see what people’s opinions are on whether or not I should continue to PE now that I have had this surgery done. The tragic irony is that the scar tissue shrinks the penis, and I am terribly insecure about it’s size. I don’t know what size I will turn out to be after I am fully healed and the scar tissue has taken it’s toll on me, but it will be somewhere in the area of the lower ends of average size. Once I am fully healed, I desperately want to get back into PE the correct way, but I fear that I don’t have a penis capable of enduring it any more. Any thoughts? I already wrote to the surgeon to see if stretching, pumping, or any form of PE could be used briefly simply to break up the scar tissue but I have yet to hear back form him on that.

Any thoughts are much appreciated. BTW, it is still too early to tell if the surgery even worked.

Unfortunately, I do not have any information for you because I am just starting treatments for my severe ED, probably due to venous leak. I have been a diabetic for eighteen years and my ED has gradually progressed over the years. I am currently at the point where even 100 mg of Viagra does very little on its own to generate an erection. However, I can still generate and maintain a decent erection if I combine Viagra with a very tight cock ring. I just started using Tri mix and I am currently up to 30 units without any significant results.

If higher doses of Tri mix prove to be unsuccessful, my Uro is pushing for an implant. I am 69 years old so my decision process will not be the same as yours; however, I was wondering why you chose to go for the litigation surgery instead of staying with a cock ring or going for an implant?

I went with ligation because I am young and do not want an implant, and I do not want to have to use any cock ring to get hard. It’s not exactly comfortable to have to break out a cock ring when you meet random girls. If I was older and married I may have fine a different route. However, that said, the doc recommended this surgery, was very confident, and I spoke to others who had it dobe who said they were entirely satisfied and that this surgery changed their lives. Only time will tell if the same is true for me. I recognize the likelihood of a revision or two, but hopefully for at least 5-10 years I will be like new. Now the issue is that I’m so insecure about my size that I don’t even want to have sex.


What were your symptoms erection wise?

I’m wondering because in other threads I have talked about how long one can maintain an erection without physical touch or stimulation. I’m 27 years old and for me it averages about 5-20 seconds without stimulation when I am alone masturbating, and about 60 seconds with a girl.

Now when I have sex there is no problems but I ask because on another thread “how long does your erection last without stimulation?” it seems many of the young men can maintain an erection without physical touch for several minutes some even claim hours. I’m physically fit and do not have diabetes or any chronic medical conditions so I often wonder if I have a venous leak?

What are your thoughts?

Also when I take Viagra I notice I get erections slightly easier, slightly harder, and they last slightly longer too.

As to my opinion on your original question. If you do start PE again I would suggest being careful, almost overly careful. I definitely wouldn’t start soon.

What PE exercises did you do other then clamping that made you think you cause a venous leak?

I stretch, jelq, hang and pump. I sometimes pump to higher pressures (8-10 Hg) which makes me wonder if I am pulling blood into my penis past the small muscles the clamp the out channels of blood flow (which creates an erection). Could this be theoretically stretching those tiny muscles so they no longer clamp effectively?

Thanks Goldenbear. I appreciate your thought process. I am also a member of a forum dedicated to ED issues. Many members there are recovering from prostate surgeries. Not sure if it relates to your situation, but many of them recommend pumping to improve their erections. Also, some of the implant patients use message and pumping to restore length lost as a result of their surgery. You may want to check out the forum to see if you can pick up some ideas to improve your situation. You may also find others in you position as well.

GoldenB, you can do length exercises like manual stretches, extenders, vac-hanging, Kegel’s, because they will do not harm your vessels. Girth exercises and clamping-style hangers, I would suggest you avoid them, because they put stress on vessels. Even if you wouldn’t report an injury doing them, you would be dead anxious everytime your EQ went down, and the brain can be an ED factor.

I think a very cautious pumping regimen (there is a thread around ‘Pumping when you have ED’, or something), with very low pressure, could be also a route, if you are interested in girth.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the responses guys. I definitely never intend to do clamping again unless I strongly feel that this surgery has brought my member back from the dead 100%. Marinera, I am certainly interested in girth and have thought heavily about pumping. The problem is that pumping seems totally counter productive. I mean it seems like it would be the worst possible thing I could do because it opens veins, and I have had surgery to suture them shut. I figure you’re right in regards to the stretches because the surgeon had told me before the surgery that he could show me some stretches that would help prevent scar tissue buildup (which he never showed me because he thought that the surgery was not invasive enough to cause a significant change). He said that it would take a full 3 months to completely heal on the inside, so I figure I’ll start light around then (very light). It is just so damn twisted because I worked myself up to around 7x5 (almost), and I measured today at 6.2x4.5, so lame. I am 6’2 and fairly athletic and strong so this thing looks damn tiny on my frame.

Thank you DtWarren, I’ll definitely check out that site to see if anyone is in my shoes.

Damien, I clamped using a metal hose clamp and did it too tightly and for too long, I jelqued for 30 minutes at a time and didn’t do the long 3 second strokes that are recommended. As I said, I also occasionally left the clamp on lightly for hours while I was at work and would take my pants off later to find serious fluid build-up and sometimes a cold penis. I tried hanging heavy weight (like 5-10 pounds) without ever having tried weight before (althought I didn’t try this for more than a few seconds at a time). I’m not sure what else I did, but I only started seeing gains after I started doing a more easy going and consistent routine. Trust these guys on here and DO NOT push yourself. I promise you that the gains will not come any faster. This surgery cost 23K (covered by insurance, phew), and you don’t want to go through it. Take it slow, take it easy, consistency, quality over quantity. I saw that thread about “how long can you keep an erection”, and I thought about it but I really can’t remember. Unless I was extremely mentally stimulated, which generally only happened when watching porn after having not jerked off in a long time, I could hold it for 10 seconds maybe. Generally, however, as soon as I stopped touching it, it began to deflate. On top of that, it was always more reliable when I was doing it myself. When I was with a girl, she could do anything to it and it would just be a dead fucking wet noodle. It wouldn’t even move. I could stimulate it sometimes enough to get it inside her, and once inside (if I was on top) the arousal level would rise and I would get hard for her. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Okay so let me see if I understand correctly.

Before or after your PE you could only maintain an erection without stimulation for 10 seconds?

Currently here are my symptoms that I feel may be a problem;

1) Without stimulation I loose an erection in 5-20 seconds on average.
2) My glans only seems to be maximally inflated/engorged when I am near ejaculation (point of no return) or if I have pressure applied to the top of erection by the base (venous outflow).

None of these prevent me from having sex or anything but they it seems other people claim different (on TP), they maintain an erection for minutes without stimulation which to me sounds more normal and healthy. Also in many of the pictures of erect penises I see the glans seems very full without being touched.

Do these erection symptoms seem normal/healthy for a healthy, fit 27 year old?

Any advice or opinions from anyone would be appreciated.

I’m in the same boat as damien and golden. I’m highly curious if venuous leakage is the issue. My erection without stimulation will fade in 5-10secs at most and my glans appear only engorged when I’m near ejaculation. I’m in my late 20s too. Golden did you have doppler exam done prior to procedure and they diagnosed you with venuous leakage?

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Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Maybe it’s normal? I’m not sure I just can’t seem to get a definitive answer?

I wasn’t sexually active until after I had begun PE, and I can’t recall whether or not I ever had an issue pre-PE (but because I wasn’t involved with any women, I’m not sure I would have been aware of a problem). So what I wrote about was in regards to my penis with a venous leak. Deflation immediately upon loss of stimulation unless I was highly highly aroused. The pills worked half the time and half the time they didn’t. Anyway, I would simply recommend going to get a dopler test done, it’s not really a big deal. And yes, I had a dopler test done twice and a cavernosogram (or something like that). They inject you with a serum that induces an irection, and then they do like an ultra-sound kinda thing. The shot is quick and no big deal. I had seen two dumbass urologists before seeing the oracle of all things penis, and the two first urologist never even mentioned the words venous leak and they got the diagnosis completely wrong, and both basically said I was just fucked for life and there was nothing they could do. Then the third guy was quick to point out their errors, said that it was a leak, and that he could perform surgery.

You won’t get a definitive answer you are comfortable with until you have a doppler test done.

Hmmm… what is the cost of doppler test and surgery? I don’t have health insurance. Is it covered by health insurance?

Current: BPEL 7.0, EG 5.0 at base, 4.75 mid shaft, 4.25 under head (thanks mom and dad for the circumcision)

Goal for August 1st 2012: BPEL 7.75, EG 5.5 / Goal for December 21,2012: BPEL 8.0, EG 6 (Lube and water will be scarce afterwards)

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