Case Study: Improvement of venous leakage upon testosterone administration

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Here’s a link to the case study Case Study

Again you may need a subscription to view this so here’s a quick summary of the article as I read it:

Case study based on 56-year old male with diabetes mellitus II and somewhat testosterone deficient who had severe erectile dysfunction due to venous leakage which improved considerably during testosterone administration.

The case study statest that androgen administration improves penile arterial flow since there are androgen receptors in the corpus cavernosum.

The man was given a long acting testosterone preparation (testosterone undecaonate (Nebido) 1000 mg) twice in 6 weeks. 12 weeks after the start of the androgen treatment the patient underwent another penile caversonography to check for venous leakage.

The doctors were surprised to find that the venous leakage had disappeared!

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