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Venous leakage curable?

So startender has symptoms like me.

Is there anyone else that has these symptoms?

Do you feel that this is normal or abnormal?

Look, let’s put it this way, instead of the doppler test, let’s think about the blow job test. The only reason I know how quickly my erections deflated is because of masturbation, because I believe it is always easier for us to make ourselves hard than for someone else to do it. If a girl were to give you head, without you touching your cock at all, would it get a full erection? How about a hand job? For me, neither of those produced erections. Sometimes a mild erection of maybe fifty percent.

How much was the Doppler test?

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I don’t really know. My insurance covered it, but somewhere around a thousand I think. You can find out online I’m sure.

Like I said before, I still don’t know if the surgery worked. My girlfriend ended things a few weeks before the surgery (when it rains it pours) so I’m not sure when ill have the opportunity to test it out once it has healed, but I’ll let you guys know once I do


Without me touching my cock at all, YES both of those (girl giving me a BJ and a HJ) produce erections for me, usually up to 90% erection or so within the first minute or less which lasts until I’m getting close to ejaculation then I’m about 100% full erection.

It depends on the girl as far as how easy it is for me to get erect. I mean yes I know how to stroke myself right better than some women but many women, my girlfriend included are also great at it. Plus her hands are way smaller and softer which gives an enhanced physical sensation (softer and smaller) and psychological boost (small pretty hands).

Maybe I am normal I guess, I wonder if this mild ED (if it can even be called that) is porn induced? I mean it seems to take alot for me to get aroused just by sight. By this I mean for example my girlfriend is in good shape (thin and fit) and is a beautiful girl by most standards, but seeing her naked doesn’t always get me erect. Just the sight of her has on occasion got me to erection but not often.

To me I feel I should be like 90% when she disrobes? Maybe it’s because I looked at pornographic pictures so long that it wired me to be aroused visually by only extremely erotic poses with the best possible lighting, angles, etc?

Anyone else have any thoughts?

I am currently at the point that after taking up to 100 mg of Viagra and pumping for twenty minutes, my erection comes out of the tube at 50% and the only way I can maintain and increase the erection to 90% is by sliding on a very tight cock ring.and kegel in some more blood.

It has been a long time since I have been able to generate a 90% erection for even a fraction of a second.


Well I am certainly not at that point at all. I might not even have a problem.

I also come out of the tube at about 50-60% but I don’t have any of the other problems that you do. I’m sorry to hear that. You’re also 69 years old which doesn’t mean you SHOULD have a problem but problems are common at that age.

I’m sure you already know but are there any meds your taking? Like heart meds, BPH/hair meds (finasteride), MAOI’s, SSRI’s. They can have the side effect of ED.

The reason I described my condition is that I wanted you to understand what a real venous leak condition is like. I don’t believe someone who can achieve an erection laying down has a venous leak just because it goes away quickly when you stand up.

Trust me. I am well aware of the cause of my ED - as you pointed out, I am among the aged plus the fact that I have been a diabetic for 18 years.

My advice: take a break from porn, increase kegels, try the 5Gs, look into Avocet8’s pumping routine for ED. I wish you success.

I emailed my doctor telling him that the scar tissue from the surgery was causing some loss in size and that I wanted to know if I could pump in a few months, or stretch, or do anything to make it better (in all honesty, I don’t know if the surgery is actually making it smaller but I wanted to see what he would say about PE post surgery). He evades my questions like crazy! All he answered was “I’ll prescribe you pills to reduce scarring”. So frustrating as I just want to know what my new dick can take and what it can’t, but I don’t want to tell him that I am considering doing anything with the goal of increasing penis size because I know he thinks it’s bogus.

I am doing the jelquing since last half an year, but could not get satisfactory organ. Can anybody help me.

Goldenbear, your surgeon has liability issues with saying anything about things other than surgery or pills.

I think what most people call veinous leakage is actually low testosterone or sexual anxiety.

I thought for a while when I first joined Thunder’s Place that I may be experiencing leakage, but I realize now that I have anxiety around performance that can effect EQ on occasion and that my dick works fine when I’m relaxed.

For older men (I’m 51) there is the issue of reduced testosterone, and I find that after a serious dead-lift workout my erections are 120%, especially morning wood and my refractory period is less than an hour, whereas normally seconds are rare.

Occasionally I do Tribex to help recover from the outdoor soccer season which is hard on the knees at my age, and my testosterone is a bit higher then and so sex is more intense as well.

I have always had a difficult time with blowjobs (some sort of protestant programming I suppose.) and even though my wife is keen, I lose part of my erection as I feel myself beginning to finish. This bothers my wife, as I’m sure she blames herself somewhat, but there is a part of me that would feel differently about her if we completed the task.

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I’m sure you’re right about the liability issues, but I figured since urologists occasionally prescribe pumps to guys so that they can pump, wear a cock ring, and then have sex…I figured I could sort of inquire about the dangers of that. I had asked him if I could use a pump just before sex to help in case my anxiety was an issue. Anyway, I’m not pumping. Too dangerous for me. What do you mean you would feel differently about your wife?

I think I would feel lesser about her. I wish I could shake the feeling, but it persists.

I grew up in an environment where girls who did that sort of thing were frowned upon.

I know she loves me and she is keen to please me, and she obviously loves to do that, but I need to get past those feelings in order to enjoy the experience.

When I first met my wife four years ago she told me that her daughter told her that some of the girls in her school were blowing teachers for better grades, and I though wow, this girl is almost admitting she is blowing teachers for grades!

I’m now realizing that some girls don’t have a problem with that sort of thing, and even though my wife gave her daughter the thumbs down, I don’t feel it has dissuaded the girl from getting ahead (pun intended).

In any regard, give your dick some time to heal and eventually you will be able to pump without doing any damage, and don’t think too much about what your surgeon would say about PE, he only knows how to cut and sew, you how to become a god!

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"


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