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Variation on the UTL stretch

Variation on the UTL stretch

I don’t know if this is new or not, but I found a variation of the Under The Leg (UTL) stretch that really hits my ligs hard.

First, do the standard UTL stretch by reaching under one of your legs and pulling your member straight back. You can do this standing up or lying down.

Then breathe out and slowly flex your solar plexus (stomach). You should feel a slight tingling in your ligs.

To take it to the next level, slowly breathe in and out using your ribcage only while maintaining the solar plexus flex. This is very difficult to do but if done correctly, you should feel as if your crotch is on fire!


Will try it tonight. Nice idea!




I noticed when I do any stretch that flexing my stomach made the stretch feel alot stronger. It kind of felt dangerous to me actually, so I make a point of trying not to flex my stomach while stretching. But maybe I’ll try it if it works. Have you had any gains from it?

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