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UK guys only

UK guys only

For those who missed it last time the documentry ‘my penis and I’ is being shown again tonight at 2300 on BBC3. It is well worth watching if you can.

Me either Slack! :faint:

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Get Freeview, the new free service from the BBC. You get lots of free channels including the renowned BBC3, BBCi and many many more. It’s painless and *shot*.

God I hate those adverts.

30/07/2005: 8.2" BP length (measuring from top) 7.7" NBP Length (measuring from top) 5.3" Mid-Shaft Girth 6" Base Girth Target size: 9" NBP length 7" Girth __________________ Things are getting better... Go thunders!

Did anyone record it? Seeing this post at 23:39 didn’t help me unfortunately.

I take it that the show was only on half an hour, it’ll prob show up on some bit torrent site :)

Formerly known as totem.

I just saw the last 15 mins of it, very interesting. It follows a guy with a 3.5 inch dick over two years, only bit I really saw was when he went to get it set in plaster. Ill keep an eye out for it on download.

Formerly known as totem.

I managed to see all but the first 5 mins this time. That guy has lots of potential. I don’t see any issue with him getting to a 6x5. Weight loss should be part of his PE routine though, he’s probably hiding 1/5”+ in the fat. He claimed the reason he failed to lose the weight was because he was ‘doing it for all the wrong reasons’. That alone says to me that he’s probably more attached to his problem than he is to becoming what he claims he wants.

He also said that he’s never really masturbated. I don’t think his dick has ever really had any stimulus other than perhaps night time wood, and only then because he was asleep and couldn’t get in the way. It’s a shame because other than that he seems like a decent guy.

I noticed that the English surgeon told him that 5” was the normal size. The American woman on the street made out the average size by holding out the palm of her hand and placing her other hand perpendicular to it at the point where the wrist meets the hand. I’d say that was optimistic, but it’s likely that if she measures like that then it’s probably the underside rather than a BPEL. The guy from the Manhattan small penis group said that he was 5” and recognised that he was small. Perhaps he should live where the English surgeon is, and suddenly he’d be absolutely normal!

Nice spot this one. Clicked on Thunders Place at 2303 and BBC3 at 2304. Good program with some excellent insights.

Sounds very intriguing, blokes. I’ll have to give it a shot. I actually do have BBC3.

Originally Posted by xlmagnum

Sounds very intriguing, blokes. I’ll have to give it a shot. I actually do have BBC3.

Whoa whoa. Wait a minute. XL, when did you move to the UK!!!!


Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
Whoa whoa. Wait a minute. XL, when did you move to the UK!!!!

I flew here so I could post in this thread. :) Check the location, chap.

When did you arrive, RTG?

Just before Roussie’s party. Man was it worth the trip. :D Then I decided to stay for Slack’s. Man, what a bash that was!

Sorry to say I must have slept through that broadcast mate. Well…I guess you can call it sleeping… :faint:


Just to let people know, the program has shown up on a very popular bit torrent site. PM me if you want more details.

Formerly known as totem.

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