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Two-handed squeeze stretch

Two-handed squeeze stretch

This is a simple stretch that targets the tunica. Many of you have probably done it, or something similar, before:

1. With one hand (I use my right) grab the head of your penis just below the glans and stretch outward from the body as far as possible. Hold that position.

2. With your other hand in the “overhand” position (palm down, thumb and index finger towards body) make a fist around the shaft of your cock. I grab as far in towards my abdomen as possible so I get some stretch in the ligaments too. Try not to include too much scrotum skin in your grip.

3. Tightly squeeze your cock inside your fist as you continue to tug hard with your other hand.

You should feel the tunica “give” inside your fist. To me, it feels like the tunica fibers are spreading both laterally and longitudinally.

I’ve been doing this basic stretch for a long time, but amid all the other stuff I do I’m not sure how well it works. So, try it out. See how it feels and if it might be something that helps you.

Advanced: grab the cockhead as described above and make a fist around your penis with that hand. Squeeze that fist tight, while stretching your penis outward from your body. Now, take your other hand and make as much of a fist as possible around the rest of your shaft and squeeze that fist tightly. If you have a long flaccid stretched length, you might be able to get two fists around your cock. If not, just try to squeeze as much penis as possible as you stretch out hard. Try pushing your hands in opposite directions – one up, one down, one right, one left — so your flaccid cock bends and stretches.

I do something similar except I keep my hands an inch apart and stretch. You get a more focused stretch and can do it up and down the entire shaft.

Interesting. I think I’ll give it a try when I’m doing my normal routine.

edit: If it catches on, are your going to name it? I recommend the “Ike Spike stretch”. (I love marketing)

"Debate the idea..."

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