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A stretch VS V stretch

A stretch VS V stretch

just want to get something clear

A stretch is for tunica

V stretch is for lig

correct me if i am wrong

If i am targeting to lower my LOT and max out my lig i should do V stretch and stay away from A stretch for now.

The A-stretch is a type of V-stretch.

Standard form V-stretches attack the ligs, inverted V-stretches attack the tunica more. Sideways V-stretches attack the ligs on a single side at a time (divide and conquer).

But its a question of degrees and what will extend most easily. The ligs are generally easier to stretch than the tunica so any stress put on the penis where the ligs have to bear the entire load will encourage them to stretch first.

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The V-stretch is a great stretch for the ligs, and since you’re targeting the ligs, you should probably focus on V-stretches and other downward-type stretches. Of course, if you want to, you can always add in a few A-stretches in your routine just for variety.

A combination of the two, done under a source of constant heat, works wonders for your girth and length goals.

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To me, the A stretch and the V stretch are both fulcrumed stretches that can target either the ligs or tunica; it depends on where you place the fulcrum. For example, I use a piece of 22 inch PVC pipe to do A stretches. If I’m sitting down and have the pipe against the underside of the base of my dick, right where it intersects with my scrotum, and then pull my dick over the pipe and down, I feel it in my ligs — especially if I raise my thighs up against the pipe at the same time. But I can move the pipe up my shaft a little and do the same thing, and it hits my tunica more. It works in reverse with a V stretch, where you pull up instead of down.

I’m finding that using a looped piece of cable to do V stretches works really well for hitting the ligs and tunica, because the narrowness of the cable enables more specific targeting.

Here’s a website that I think might relate to this, although it’s a bit too much for this liberal arts major at this hour. Maybe it will be informative for someone else:

So, which one is better for over-all length?

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Originally posted by Uncut4Big
A combination of the two, done under a source of constant heat, works wonders for your girth and length goals.

Uncuts right the combination of heat and PE stretches is very effective. Ive been doing V/A Stretches under a very warm shower and gained 1/4 of an inch in one month.

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Ok, I’m convinced. I’ve just been doing combination length xtenders, jelq, and pump—I think I will substitute the xtenders for A/V stretches specifically. Example routine?

Start: 7.5 x 6 BPL; Current: 8.75 x 6.5 BPL; Goal: 10.5 x 7 BPL; Why we do it: "After half an hour of foreplay I was ready and although it was initially hard to get in, once it was fully in, I allowed it to rest there for a few minutes and allow my vaginal canal to relax more. The following sex was amazing, . . . it made me have multiple orgasms for about 40 mins. . . . How naive [I had been]. . . . size is everything."

>length xtenders

Whats that?

>Example routine?
Well my routine was 20 minutes of 5 minute hold inverted V-stretches with heat applied for at least the first half of the period and prior to starting. Doing this over something like a baseball bat over the thighs or some other cylindrical object works well.

If your LOT is high you might benefit more from standard V-stretches, to focus on the ligs. This too can be done with a baseball bat under the thighs (standing).

Its worth experimenting and its always worth working up to an intense routine, trying to maximise the initial gains you may be able to obtain with low effort.

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