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Turkey neck

Turkey neck

I’ve noticed that my “turkey neck” is growing, and when I’m erect, the skin at the base is loose. Not cool, IMO. I noticed in a thread back in November about this very subject, and Memento said:

I would think that depends on how you perform the exercises. Like I say I'm uncircumcised so I have more skin to play with than you However I've still managed to grow extra skin from the base. I've looked at the way I do exercises and tried to minimise the amount I allow the skin to pull at the base. I see jelqing as a major culprit in this. You will feel this pull, so all you have to do is recognise it and try to avoid it. Some guys have talked about jelqing with a cock ring to hold back the skin. Personally I just pull it back on each stroke. That might mean your skin tightens a bit but you can then just lengthen it again in a controlled manner.

Luvdadus followed up with:

I agree with memento that jelqing is the major culprit. In fact probably dry jelqing in a circumsized guy is probably the main offender. I think however dry jelqing is such a valuable stealth pe tool that in spite of the skin on the shaft thing I would still recommend it. However it is good to keep in mind that the skin may need some individual attention unless you don't mind the turkey neck effect.

I do wet, overhand-jelqing for 10 minutes, one day on/ one day off. (I’m circumsized.) I would hate to see the only “gains” in my PE journey be skin stretching.

Question to Memento (and others): Do you still pull back the skin while jelqing, and do you think that this has minimized the skin stretching (since last year when this was posted)?


Post: memento - Skin and boners


Your dick must be getting bigger right?

I think that time may also help cure the turkey neck problem on its own.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve seen nice gains in flaccid size, but none in erect length/girth, yet (for about 2 months time).

I guess you mean flaccid stretch?

I do notice that my turkey neck is much more noticable if I look at myself doing a flaccid stretch in the mirror. The turkey neck is not as pronounced with an erection. I don’t think I’d sweat it.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

The turkey neck is very noticeable during flaccid stretch, but I was refering to overall gains since PE in the above post (only noticeable gains is in the flaccid state). It’s just that I’ve noticed my erections having loose skin around the base. I’ve never noticed this before. Plus, during my jelqing sessions, sometimes the skin gets bunched up, prevented a good grip at the base. I usually move it back before I start the next stroke, and that helps, but I’m just wondering how much it’s going to stretch. Or if there’s any way to prevent more skin stretching while jelqing?

Hey SS.

Now I don’t reply much but here goes,
The turkey neck happened to me in the beginning too. I am Circumsized and I thought what the???
OK, I read a post on the other board and found it to be pretty common with jelq and stretching in general. I took the initiative and from the other post I found that this helps;
I grip the skin (grip the unit WITH the foreskin bunched in the grip) and pull opposite with the other hand from the skin you can grip on your balls. that is, stretch the turkey neck long ways.
I also have been doing a bit of ball stretching which in my humble opinion, pulls the skin back down from the shaft and gives it that folded look.
The turkey neck effect I think is from the bunch of skin that is tightest at the base of the shaft and if you stretch it by itself it will pull with the rest of your growth instead of looking like an extra sail down there. PS…I have also noticed that the “hair crawling up the shaft” effect is also lessened by ensuring the skin on the shaft is stretched in proportion to your growth. I do that by doing about 100 or so jelqs at the end of my sessions with one hand holding the skin at the base while I “jelq the skin”. These are light pressure Jelqs that involve the skin only. The effect lessens as you grow in length and girth.
I can’t claim these as my excersices but I forget who posted them : )

The ravings of a madman...

I’ve noticed that when performing a flaccid stretch, that the point of attachment for the “turkey neck” is mid shaft for me. I just hold back this excess skin with the other hand when jelquing.

So, in effect, I’ve got a duck penis; it’s got enough webbing that if I ever lose a paddle up the creek, I’ve got a dependable backup!

Originally posted by luvdadus
Your dick must be getting bigger right?
I think that time may also help cure the turkey neck problem on its own.

I noticed this too Luvdadus. It was almost like growing into my skin. Things are pretty tight for me now so I think you are really on target.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

So maybe gains are on the way??

>>So maybe gains are on the way??>>

Seems like you got gains already although not in erect measurements yet.
I suspect the erect gains will come along with time and persistance.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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