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Skin and boners

Skin and boners

When we slave away for hours on our penises focusing on stretching the ligs and the tunica, it occurs (not to me but thats another story) that we are not focusing on an important matter. That matter is the skin surrounding our member and all that hard to stretch material.

Like some other guys on the board I have a visible line a little way up the shaft. This line mirrors my gains and shows me that the skin is stretching from the base. Due to this the skin of the scrotum extends a little up the shaft (turkey neck) and due to girth gains this skin has also pulled up around the base of the shaft. Also the area of hair growth has now risen up my shaft.

In my opinion this is a less than desirable state of affairs.

The skin is much more elastic than the tunica and the ligs but as with anything stretching it enough will yield a permenant change.

So, in common with at least one other person here, I’ve started to stretch the skin separately, to control the area of growth and limit the symptoms of base skin stretch.

What I do is quite simple. After my cool down hotwrap, I stretch and hold the skin, with a light grip behind the glans and another about 1.5” above the base, pulling back at the base. I hold for maybe 30 seconds at a time and up to ten repetitions. I’ve been doing this for such a short time that I can’t vouch for how much skin I’m stretching but it seems to be making a difference. So far I’ve noticed my NBP lag behind BP has reduced by almost 1/8” (after slowly increasing during my time PE’ing) but whether this is down to the skin stretching or not is another question.

So this is another really simple and obvious subject, but it eluded me until recently. Has anyone else tried shaft skin stretching? What have your results been and what techniques do you use?

I know what you are talking about. Recently, my penis has sideburns growing on the sides of it. Funny thing to try: grab your sack when your penis is flaccid and pull it up. The penis will seem so tiny because you pulled the skin over it.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

a couple years ago before even knowing PE exsisted i wanted to restore some forskin( i am circumcised). i did this exercise i thought i had made up. come to find out it was pretty much a jelqing variation. all i was doing was dry jelqs while close to fully erect. i had good success in restoring the foreskin. i can still pull it over the glans when erect.

it was one of the smartest things i’ve done, gives much better pleasure during sex.

i am not sure if u would actually call it foreskin though, since when

flaccid it doesn’t cover glans totally it sits all behind the glans more.

hope this helps a bit.

now i am gaining length and that extra skin is a pain to work w/ during stretching exercises (manual). lol

********** I dont make my dick grow, I give it the stimulus, then ask it to. What dont kill ya, only makes ya stronger

forgot a couple details. while dry jelqing th opposite hand was holding the base w/ an ok grip. i also wasnt doin a hard jelq just tight enough to pull skin. it also took awhile before i could go the whole length of the shaft but every time i jelqed it seemed like i had a little extra skin so i could go farther. i dont remember exactly how long it took to stretch the skin , but as i recall it seemd like it was a relatively short period.

********** I dont make my dick grow, I give it the stimulus, then ask it to. What dont kill ya, only makes ya stronger

Thanks for the info Bigrig. Have you ever thought about getting the minor op to reduce the girth of the skin at the glans to finish off the effect? Maybe its because I’m uncircumcised that I didn’t relate to any of the threads on this topic. I think I’ll read them again.

Lexx, Penis Decrease techniques ?!? wtf :)


I hang and I focus on the skin. And I’ve found after three months my skin hasn’t suffered because of fear. I’m so afraid of injury I pay in the gains turn-around. I do however detect faint (very faint) lines at the base. Not nearly enough to be concerned about.

Someone around here said “wear those lines like battlescars”.

Good attitude Nick :) I still have that whole teenager invulnerability thing going on in my head (despite not being a teenager and clearly not being invulnerable) so it took me an injury to get to your kind of attitude.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Bib always seems to talk about stretching the skin first, because you need to introduce a little bit of play in the skin before the hanger starts working on the ligs and tunica etc. I would have thought that at least some of that stretch is going to occur at the base. Other hangers have talked about turkey neck so I guess I can’t be too far off the mark.

So if you need extra skin and you don’t want turkey neck or hair growth half way up your shaft, doesn’t it make sense to stretch the skin separately? Maybe the first two weeks hanging, people shouldn’t hang at all, they should just stretch skin where they want it to grow :)

btw anyone reading this thread should ignore my comments on BP/NBP in post 1, I spent some time last night checking that and I appear to have been talking BS. Every time I do a NBP measurement I try so hard to not depress the skin at all that I think I’ve been going up the shaft a bit.

ok i have a question that maybe has been answered or overlooked.

Whem i am fully erect, i can pull the shaft skin to almost over my entire glans. Also like BigRig, i have a “donut” of loose skin that sits just behind my glans when my unit is flaccid.(i am circumcised) I have had this donut fro as long as i can remember.

So, does this mean that i have a lot of excess skin to begin with? or is this a common feature (ability to cover glans) for those of you who are cut?

Just on a side note when i am jelqing i often have to really grab low and push into my groin to stretch this skin down to get a good base to glans jelq.



Work the Girth...

I started this thread mostly because I read a lot of comments from the mighty luvdadus. He kept talking about his skin stretching routine and it made me think about where my skin was stretching and whether it would be better to control it. Though luvdadus does point out that these are his own theories and that no refunds will be given (even within 28 days) I think they are worth putting together from their original locations into this thread.

Because these are pulled from different threads there is a little repetition but I didn’t think I should edit the comments to remove it.

The shaft growth sometimes outstrips the skin growth on the shaft causing the crease to move up on the shaft. Result bone pressed measure (shaft size) goes up say 1/2 inch and non bone pressed goes up only 3/8”.*

I do a separate skin stretching routine (which I don’t really count as pe) to try to reduce/prevent the “sail” or “turkey neck” effect most guys who have had real gains notice.*

The skin that covers the shaft is more elastic there for is easy to stretch but readily pops back to its original size and shape. the tunica and deeper tissues are less elastic so when a stretch is achieved it tends to stay closer to the stretched state with less spring back. Now if the shaft enlarges but the more elastic skin on the shaft does not then the shaft
skin pulls the skin covering the fat pad forward a little masking some of the gains. If you took bp measurements initially repeat them now you may find that your gains in the shaft are continuing at a faster rate than the skin.*

Well the skin is more stretchy and tends to snap back to its original size more readily as opposed to tendons and ligaments in your dick which takes more effort to stretch but the microtears produced tend to stay longer permitting it to heal in a more extended position. In short the flexiblity of skin slows the permanent stretching progress due to springing back. since the shaft is growing and the skin of the shaft is not it pulls the crease at the base of your dick up along the shaft. So the skin perpendicular to the shaft is pulled out away from the body and voila shaft growth with little or no nbp increase.*

I’m uncut but I’ve seen enough penises to see that some circumcised penises have quite tight skin and others do not. You should be able to tighten up a bit (if that is your desire) through PEing.

I tend to pull back the skin on each stroke too, mostly by attaching a light grip a little up the shaft and pulling back before increasing the power of the grip. By the end of the stroke I still feel skin stretch at the base (must try harder :) ).

Hey Memento.

I am not looking to tighten up the skin, i am just wondering if you start with more “shaft” skin if through your PE it would be beneficial and not increase the chances of “turkey neck” from immediate length gains.



Work the Girth...

I would think that depends on how you perform the exercises. Like I say I’m uncircumcised so I have more skin to play with than you :) However I’ve still managed to grow extra skin from the base. I’ve looked at the way I do exercises and tried to minimise the amount I allow the skin to pull at the base. I see jelqing as a major culprit in this. You will feel this pull, so all you have to do is recognise it and try to avoid it. Some guys have talked about jelqing with a cock ring to hold back the skin. Personally I just pull it back on each stroke. That might mean your skin tightens a bit but you can then just lengthen it again in a controlled manner.

Good to see you’ve joined the blue writing club :) {preach mode} if it wasn’t for donations we wouldn’t be here {end preach mode}

Thanks on the blue writing :)

I think that i might be using too much skin on the stroke. I will try and modify my grip a little and report back.



Work the Girth...


I agree with memento that jelqing is the major culprit. In fact probably dry jelqing in a circumsized guy is probably the main offender. I think however dry jelqing is such a valuable stealth pe tool that in spite of the skin on the shaft thing I would still recommend it. However it is good to keep in mind that the skin may need some individual attention unless you don’t mind the turkey neck effect.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Ahhhhhh….Penis Side Burns…THEY ROCK

I have that wonderful under scar too…the real signs of growth or maybe quick growth..:)

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