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Tug Back Question

Tug Back Question

Stretch up to attack your tunica; stretch down to attack your ligaments.

Tugback is a good guide to which structure you’re stretching. If Kegeling tugs back on your penis at the angle you’re hanging or stretching, you can be sure your inner tunica is taking some of the force. If you have no tugback, you can be sure you’re ligs are taking it. If you have a little tugback, but less than at higher angles, you’re sharing the force between the ligs and inner tunica. This is probably inefficient, since each structure is seeing less than the total applied force.

I suggest you not get hung up about the LOT number, and just go by feel.


I read this quote in a post on LOT. The question I have is this. I have EXTREMELY strong BC muscles. I’m not exagerating that. I never lose tug back. Even if I hold the damn thing back behind me, if I kegal it tugs back strongly.( It’s funny, but when I’n walking around with a hard on hard on after we’re done having sex, I clench my BC hard in rapid fire to “wave” to the GF as I go to wash up. She loves it.)

Does this mean that, even if I’m hanging straight down I’m stretching my tunica? I can make it tug back while hanging down with 5 lbs of weight.

Or does this mean I should give up hanging down and hang over my shoulder (or hang while I’m suspended upside down from the ceiling :) )?

I’m uncertain how to judge this.

As has been said many times, the LOT theory was a theory and it was essentially proven to be useless in determining anything. There’s truth in the up and down hanging directions and which structures receive the benefit of the traction force, but it’s based on the anatomy only. Pulling up puts almost no force on the suspensory ligament and therefore the energy is directed to the structures within the shaft. Pulling down puts the force on the inner structures, but also the ligaments. Disregard tugback, it means nothing.

O.K. That’s what I had read in other posts, but I wasn’t sure what to believe. I should be hanging up, then, to stretch the tunica as well as hanging down for the ligs? It seems I don’t tend to feel the stretch when hanging up. Is this normal?Thanks

I’m not much of a hanger. I’ve actually done it only a few times so I’d know how to answer questions. :)

So my experience is probably too limited to tell you what it should feel like. Hopefully some real hangers will come by and give you the information you seek.

Does this mean that, even if I’m hanging straight down I’m stretching my tunica? I can make it tug back while hanging down with 5 lbs of weight.

It means that you’ll probably have to “pre-exhaust” your muscles before hanging, to get the most benefit from it. Exactly what are you doing for a warm up, dk?


As a warm up, i usually use a hot cloth to warm the area, then I do a few manual stretches. Then I hang down. I’m hanging ten pounds right now for the first half of my session. I feel a good stretch this way, but if I hang over my shoulder for the second half, I feel no stretch from it. I try to go for a two hour session total. I’m using a vacuhanger so I’m not getting any loss of blood or other problems, other than a little temporary fluid build up.

Afterwards, I use a hot cloth to warm the area then i move it around some to limber it up. Then , sometimes, I jelq for a bit afterwards. Sometimes in the evenings if I have time , I’ll hang again for an hour. I used to clamp, it got me an extra 1/4 inch girth, but I stopped because I read you should go for length before girth.

Right now I hang down for the whole two hours. Before I would try to hang up for half the time and I didn’t feel any stretch from that half. Sometimes I’ll hang straight out for the last half and I feel more stretch than hanging up but less than hanging down.

I’ve gained 1/4 inch length ,so far, since hanging this way. Since I stopped clamping I have not lost the gain I made, thankfully.

So, what do you advise?

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