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Trying something different girth gains.

Trying something different girth gains.

I’m getting frustrated by my lack of girth gains. For the last few days I’ve been trying something different that I haven’t heard mentioned here. Most of the exercises here seem to focus on pushing more and more blood into your penis in order to stretch the tunica and other tissues. I continue to jelq but I’m trying something new that doesn’t rely on blood. I get a decent erection and I squeeze either side of my penis between my index finger and thumb (one side per hand). It is almost as if I am pinching the tunica. Because I have an erection there is quite a bit of resistance so I have to squeeze fairly hard to make a dent. Sometimes when I have the pinch in place I move my hands up and down the shaft so that the pinch travels the full length. Think of a balloon (because that is what a tunica is like). You can stretch a balloon by blowing more air into it. But once the balloon already has air in it you can also stretch it by pushing in on it.

We’ll see. As I say, I’m getting desperate for girth gains and haven’t had much luck with other techniques.

For the record these are the techniques I’ve tried..

Wet jelqs at 80%
Manual stretching
Sadsak (semi-erect bends)
Uli’s (I only do these periodically because I feel discoloration)
Pseudo-clamping (I use an adjustable cock ring - it works fairly well)

Why do you think that method doesn’t rely on blood?

Originally Posted by plustwo
Why do you think that method doesn’t rely on blood?

I guess it does in a different sort of way. I guess it is more along the lines of a Sadsak method which attempts to stretch the tunica by bending rather than trapping and pushing blood. Instead of bending I am pinching the tunica.

TeeVee Tenia:

Pumping and a cockring always did it for me. Careful with those Sasdak’s though: they are a big cause of injuries.


The sadsak’s can definitely be dangerous…I injured myself somewhere in the head after doing some one day, and even after taking a 2 week break the pain returns a little at times.

Ulis, hoses and clamping did it for me.

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