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Total results

Three years of ‘off and on’ PE….averaged out…mostly off…..

1.5” of erect length

1” of erect girth.

15 months from start till now (took 2 months of that off - so only 13 months active).

length bpfsl +2.250”

length bpel +1.875”

erect girth +0.625”

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Doc, you’re sounding like a Newbie and you’re not. Check out Size’s PE Data pages. There’s a whole lot of data there.

Real Newbies, see the links at the bottom of most pages here to that site.



How long has that been there? I have never noticed it and I was looking down there today! I would still like to see gains posted here so I don’t have to go through the anguish of clicking each name


I think it’s been there since the Vietnam War, but I’m not sure. Hey, there’s still suff here I haven’t found yet. I just learned how to do a “word/phrase” link. Here’s how to get to the Data Pages.

Anyway, a great place for Newbies to post their beginning stats and to track them, and for Vets to post theirs. I think there will be some significant software updates there when our very over-worked techies have time to tinker with it. Meantime, it’s still a great resource, and works.

(Later: Man, I love that word link trick!)



.25” of erect length AFTER nearly 8 months of hard-core training! Nothing as of yet in erect girth.. Flacid is much longer now, I estimate 2” in that…

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