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The DLD Blaster...*IMPROVED*...Be extremely careful

Originally posted by mike2002
I just tried it. I get a much better lig stretch while standing up, pulling my dick straight down with one hand and pushing my wrist from my other hand upward. I did 10 times to the right and to the left. My hands got tired after that. Is 10 times enough? I'll be doing this about twice a day. I kept freaking out while doing these exercises. I thought my ligs were going to break. You gotta be real careful doing these.

mike2002, I think that getting to know your penis and it’s limitations is very important to PE. Knowing when too much is too much and knowing if you can push harder. I have always pushed the levels in everything I do and I think the fine line between injury and safety may be where gain are. The most important thing is to listen to your body. Not everyone is the same and a simple exercise for some may injure another. This is the reason I think PE is very user based and the user needs to know his streths and weeknesses before he can push the levels. Get into everything slow, test the waters, and as you feel you are getting stronger push yourself.

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That’s one scary stretch. But then again, Horse Squeezes and bends used to scare me too, but now I love doin’ ‘em.

I ain’t ready to try this new one. I’m sticking with the regular A stretch, to see how far I can get with it, and when that stops working, I’ll try this new one.

It hasn’t created a “bumpy” effect on your cock, has it DLD?

I’m just curious if anyone here can twist themselves two full rotations or more. DLD, your dick is too long!

Oh Shit Daddy!

I just tried this and thought my ligs were going to snap. I can only get 2 rotations doing this. I am going to incorporate this into my stretching regime. I wouldn’t want to try this while hanging. WOW!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

DLD, Have you ever tryed doing a crank while twisted?


Do NOT try this with a Bib hanger for God’s sakes.

I have keep quiet on these exercises and i will continue to but
for heaven’s sakes do not twist even once with a hanger and

This was done long ago at full erection by a guy from Australia
but I thought it was too dangerous.

I forgot what it was called. It was all the rage two years ago.

I am sure someone remembers what the guy called them, it’s
on the tip of my tongue.

Same principle…………worked GREAT for a select few, for everyone
else, it hurt but didn’t work. Go figure.


Are you trying to recall the infamous “Bruiser180s”? Those involved a twist at the base. This new exercise calls for a corkscrew type twist. I’m with you, there is a need to exercise extreme caution and to fully understand the capabilities of your individual unit.

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Yea “Bruiser 180s”…..dunno about them ever being “all the rage”… I dont seem to recall ANYONE claiming noteworthy gains from them.

To stretch ligs, what time is essential to see results? I do my 10 min jelq, 30 min stretch 2 days on 1 day of… With the DLD blasters… Do you think even a five minute stretch a day will make lenght results? I´ve read alot about stretching and found out so far that longer periods with less force is better as it makes less damage (weakening) to the ligaments…. Is it just really good haveing a good stretch and doing it shorter periods?

Restarting everything.

DLD, I must say, I have never had my ligs this loose before this morning. It was acually hanging there :) . I did a warm up, 5 min hanging with 8 lbs, 20 long jelqs for circulation, the blasters, pogos, and a cool down. It seemd to work very nicely so im going to do this for a month and see how it works.

I would suspect there is a very big difference in twisted hanging erect or flaccid. I also suspect that DLD is getting new gains because he is stressing his ligs in a difference manner than they have grown accustomed to.

If one truly listens to their penis, I believe it would be very hard to hurt oneself…

My penis seems to adapt to new stress pretty quickly, so I have to keep mixing things up to keep it fresh. If I go a week without really feeling the feeling, I’m on to something new usually.

I agree with everyones caution to these…this is why I wanted to test these for a bit before I posted them. RB makes alot of sence and I think his post should be read and re-read. Thanks for the hanging advice P9, I think we need as much feedback as possible on these “Bundle” stretches. I have gone for 1.5 months without incident making a .5” gain in length. I felt as though not posting it was wrong and selfish…so after 6 weeks of “Bundle” stretches worked into the Blaster I have to say…FOR MYSELF…These are safe as long as I LISTEN TO MY BODY.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

It's a good stretch

I’m unable to do more than 1 1/2 rotations (I do only 1), but I adapted these into my routine, because my flaccid hang does seem to be a tad longer than after normal stretches. DLD, do you think that I’m doing these enuf? = twice a day I rotate left-right-left-right for 1 to 1½ minutes each stretch = 2*5 minutes total. (+ jelquing and some JAIs)

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