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To Jelktoid


To Jelktoid

I would like to hear more about your theory toward jelqing before hanging.

You said you were afraid that your initial jelqing had strengthened up your ligs, which makes you feel that you have lessened your potential with hanging.

Can you please go into more detail for me, or perhaps some of the vets can toss out some info. I am concerned about this as I have purchased both a Power-Jelq and a Bib Hanger.


Kamel, you could find some search material under Girth, theory, and Hanging. Bib talked about this theory quite a bit, so look for his comments.

Hey Kamel,

Sorry that I didn’t reply sooner. I was in Canada on business and internet access there is a problem for me. I said that I felt that my girth gains may have made it harder for me to gain length. However, since I gained 1.5 inches in length (1.25 before I started hanging), I shouldn’t complain. The jelqing did loosen me up. It may be that I would have achieved the same length gain by hanging. I have been exclusively hanging (and putting in a lot of hours) for the past 8 weeks and have gained .25 inch in length with my girth remaining the same. It is just a gut feeling that I have. If you look at guys like Goingdeep who went first for length (he gained more than 1.7 inches in 6 months), you can see some good gains. I know without a doubt that jelqing and uli’s will give you the girth. So, since you have a Bib, I say go for the length first and I am almost positive that you will be able to get some good girth gains after you get the length you want. Remember to use moist heat!

Happy PEing


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Ya mon

I am using moist heat now, Jelktoid. Makes a big diff..


Actually I have been seriously thinking about exclusively using the Power-Jelq for the first 6 months and then Bib Hanging exclusively for the next 6 months

I am just wondering if its a moot point to hang if I PJ for 6 months, or if I should take a couple months off after PJing and shock myself into hanging.

I still think the Pump is a great idea for cementing quick gains, and I think it would help length and girth in the end after a good amount of time. Not using the pump primarily for gains, but as a good warm down, similar to wearing a cock ring.

Moist warm heat or moist hot heat?

As warm/hot as you can stand it. I warm up a tupperware container full of water via the microwave - real hot and hot enought to burn my hands if I am not quick with the washcloth. I then dip a washcloth in it, wring it out, and apply it to my pubic area and around the shaft/glans. Everything but my balls. If it’s too hot just wave it back and forth for a second or two and it’ll cool down. Make sure to get up the abdominal wall/pubic area at least a few inches short of your belly button (to warm up the fundiform lig).

I have to redip it about every 30 secs or so and reapply it. The body and surrounding air really absorb the heat quickly. I do this for about five minutes and also between hanging sets (but then primarily on the glans for recirculation issues - works wonders).

Man, moist heat is totally superior. I do use a ricesock to hold on my ligs for the first half of my first hanging set.

If you are jelqing/squeezing, it is a perfect warmdown method and will make you feel very, very good.

I wonder if PEing in a sauna would be feasible ;o)


Funny you should ask that today. I just got back from the Y today where i arrived after the lunch crowd and was the only one in the dry sauna I thought I would try fowler’s. Gives new meaning to HOT DOG!

Well, if you can PE in the shower, why not a sauna? I am sure you’d get some serious stares when a guy opens up the door to come in and you’ve got this 80% erection out there all puffed up and greasy. Like, “c’mon in dude!”

Of course, hanging just wouldn’t cut it in a sauna, but that’s self-explanatory.

Sauna hanging

If you needed additional weight, just tie on another rock from the heating unit. LOL!

Goodwood :chuckle:

To Kamel

He He

You guys crack me up! “Hey buddy, could ya hand me one a those rocks? Yeah, that one with all the steam boiling off it!”

No, seriously Kamel, I think that there are many ways to skin the cat. I have noticed that my unit at its smallest flacid state is wrinkled where the stretched skin contracts. My wife (who doesn’t know that I PE) made a comment about how my dick “balloons up” when she does oral on me. I know that I have stretched it out considerably. However, I think that there is a limit to how much it can stretch, hence my statement that I think jelqing and stretching gets guys about 1.5 to 2 inches. I have developed an opinion that hanging does several things. First, it pulls the internal ligaments out of the body, and since the ligs determine how long your erection will be, this produces length. Second, the repeated tearing/healing that the ligs udergo makes them GROW longer. Third, the tunica must be stretched in order to gain length along the shaft. Hanging straight out, over the legs and over the shoulder stretch and lengthen the tunica. Finally, the contiuous stretching and healing that occurs as a result of continued hanging leads to more permanent tissue growth. The permanent tissue growth is what I want. I am getting that now, whereas, I feel that I got mostly stretching when I jelqed. Bigger gained 4.5 inches from exclusively hanging. That kind of gain will never occur from jelqing. I plan to go back to jelqing and uli’s once I get the length I want.

Just my HO

Happy PEing


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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to Jelktoid....

….”I feel that I mostly got stretching when I jelqed”

Are you saying these jelqing gains aren’t permanent tissue growth? That the penis was simply stretched out temporarily? Thanks.

J Rock,

No, I am not saying that the gains are not permanent. However, what I am saying is that the cells in the corpus cavernosa that become engorged with blood during an erection become stretched during the pump up from jelqing. During the first several months of jelqing, the gains are not permanent as the cells will shrink back to their original size if jelqing stops. I noticed this first hand. I am not sure if the cells in the cc ever increase in number with any form of PE. I suspect that hanging is effective because it pulls the 2 inches or so of ligs out of the body, lengthens them and allows cells in that part of your penis that is inside to be stretched as well. I suspect that up to 40 % of the penis is inside rather than out.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I am so glad you are mentioning all this, Jelktoid. I have noticed as I stopped my jelqing and am doing simply hanging now that my girth measurement has dropped back down to pre-PE measurements. I wasn’t doing jelqing for too long, so I guess that is what is happening. Just so it doesn’t drop any further down that before. Then I’d be bummed. I am anxiously awaiting the time that I can concentrate on just girth alone.

Holy Damn!

Hanging straight out, over the legs and over the shoulder stretch and lengthen the tunica.

Please tell me in detail how you over the shoulder stretch!!!

Ha Ha just messin with ya buddy

Keep up the updates, it definitely helps the ego

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