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JELKTOID and the liquid supplement!

JELKTOID and the liquid supplement!

Hey Jelktoid, just want to thank you for enlightening me on that liquid supplement, extremeV. That sure makes jelking a hellovalot easier. I mean before I use to struggle to keep a 75% erection during jelking. Now with extremeV, I can jelk with a lot more control. This past week was the best jelking sessions I ever had. Dick is always pumped up for jelking. It doesnt give you erections as some of our fellow jelkers thought it would, but what it does is after initiating the jelk session, the 75% erection is maintained with no effort. For those who dont have any problems jelking, this may sound silly, but if you are one who lose erections in the middle of jelking, then this thread will make more sense. I am expecting some gains at the end of 1 month of use. Dont want to measure before then. Later.

To be honest Thunder, I dont do it regularly. Its my worst pe excercise and I just hate doing them, even though I know that its probably one of the most important excercise. Is it as effective as pe’ers say it is? I guess I better make an effort to include them in my routine hey?

Thunder, can you give me a kegal routine that I can do daily. Thanks.

Also, can you tell me more about it?

Hey kabar,

Just start off trying to do 100 a day for a week. Do the flex and hold it for a five count, then release completely. Add a few more reps the next week and you can also vary the holds from a quick flex release to as long as you feel comfortable holding the flex. On days that you are feeling lazy at least do a half routine. I aim for 300 a day and don’t even bother with the hold count anymore. I am not actively PEing now, but will attempt to keep doing the PC flexes for the rest of my life. I also did not find any benefit from doing 500 to 1000 flexes a day. Around three hundred seems to suit me just fine.

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Thanks Thunder. I use to do them at one point but I got discouraged when I couldnt do the 1000 as recommended by most pe’ers. Your routine seem more realistic to me and I will start them today and see what happens. Thanks.

I'll echo that.

It’s really the quality that matters more than quantity. If you want to experiment with intensity, try slowly squeezing-hold-slow controlled release. The counting thing is kinda overrated IMO as I’ve tried many variations and it really seems to depend on a good contraction and release more than anything. Best part about the quality over quantity thing is that if you know you don’t have to do 1000 of the fuckers, you will likely do very good ones at a lower number more consistantly. Appears to be a law of diminshing returns factor with the higher rep counts for me. Keep it managable and you’ll have no problem doing them. groa


Response to Kabar

I’m glad that the stuff worked for you. It always works for me. Some of the other forum members tried it and complained that it did nothing for them. It won’t cause a raging hard-on like Viagra, but it works with some stimulation (which is exactly how they advertise it).

Hey Thunder,

I also do PC exercises every day and am completely convinced that they are a big part of prostate and overall sexual health. However, I have been wondering lately if they somewhat impede length gains since they definately contract the penis when you do them. What do you think?


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hey jelktoid,
PC exercises may have a slight effect on length gains, making them a little harder to achieve. I don’t know this for sure though.

I think the benefits far outweight and any slight negative effects and would not reccomend that a guy stop doing them to make length gains a little easier.

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