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Third month results!


Third month results!

Well,Im pretty impressed with this pe business. I really never believed this was possible but the truth is in the pudding-or ruler in this case. I began this trek Aug.1, Ive spent hours accumulating knowledge and drew upon my knowledge from bodybuilding to help me get started.

I started with the following ideas/goals.

I would MASTER and use basic routine until I no longer had gains for two months, I would then start hanging.
for additional size. Since I started I ve learned an awful lot about my body and how it reacts to variations of technique, training schedules and deconditioning breaks.

Despite the great temptation to start hanging since I bought my bib hanger, ive managed to refrain from using it. gains have been consitant and to me at least amazing.

Starting bpel Aug 2

Sept 1.
6 1/16

Oct 3.
6 1/4

6 1/2

Perhaps not the fastest gains on the site, but Im really very pleased with the consistency. I believe I owe this to several factors.

1.Mastery of basic techniques. I use only manual stretching and wet jelqing. Ive used several variations and found what works best for me, I initially was using a grip that placed too much pressure on the dorsal nerve, this was stopped after about three weeks. I also believe, based on what Ive read here that manual stretching is underated. I am now starting to stretch twice daily when I have time. I stretch in all directions,but try to find the stretch that offers the most resistance and pull into that, I believe this stretches out some limiting areas, though it should be said this area changes on an almost daily basis.

2. Limiting jelqing time. i do not jelq for more than 15-20 mins. per session. For me it seems like overkill and
I experienced my only injury (broken blood vessel)when not paying attention to my rule.

3. Limiting training days per week. I listen to my body and can tell when its time to lay off. I believe too much too often will cause the endocrine system to shut down the capilaries to protect the organ. Ive found that 2/3 days on and 1/2 off work best for me -this refers to jelqing,I stretch every day I can.

4. Deconditioning breaks. In my three months ive taken on ten day and one seven day break. When I come back from these breaks, my first sessions are outstanding, unbelievable really. I plan to incorporate a one week per month forced deconditioning break,I dont want to, but I believe this is a key to growth.

Im so thankful to have found this site and the outstanding research material available.

My first goal is 7” via manual techniques,then whan these gains stop, using the hanger and other advanced techniques for another inch atking me to 8” Do any vets believe another inch would be possible through hanging? my research hasnt delved that far into the hanging side of things.


I’m happy to be the first to congratulate you on your great gains redrooster!

As far as another inch by hanging…if you’ve got the time….then hanging will give you the inch!

See ya at 8!

Congradulations redrooster!!!

Great gains! It is amazing how similar your starting stats, gains, and workout are almost identical to mine :)
I myself have started about a month ago and also waiting for the 3 months period to post results!!
That 8” goal is in the bag - just keep it up!!

Hope to hear more from you!!


I am glad to hear about your gains and more importantly your manual stretching. I also concentrate on manual stretching and am encouraged that it really does work.

Sweet dude Sweeeeeeeet

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

Thanks Thunder, actually I have done some research. I am concerned that if I delve too far into it, i wont be able to fight the urge to hang. Im commited to following through with the basic routine until the gains stop. I see alot of people jumping rihjt into advanced techniques which I feel is a mistake,once the intensity is ratcheted up its difficult to get gains out of a lesser inensity.



You didn’t mention how long you actually stretch for.

Initially I did straight out ,straight up left and right, straight down left and right. Each for 1 min.

Now Im doing straight out for 2 or 3 mins increasing pressure as time elapses x2

Then up for 2-3 mins,then upward angles that seem tight for 2-3 mins.

Repeat this for straight down and respective angles.


Red, have you tried using your bib for your stretches yet?

It makes stretching so much easier for me.

This may seem weird but I have a rope wrapped around my bed post (King size so it’s not going anywhere) then I put the bib on, I take the “s” hook from the bib and hook it to the rope, and then lean back slightly using my body weight to apply the stretch.

This may seem a bit extreme because of the weight but I’m not using my full body weight of course. This has allowed made stretching easier for me. I hope I didn’t lose you.

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

I too over did it and got hurt

Hey Redrooster, I am a newbie and have been doing jelqs for about a week. I had a 30min session yesterday and last night I looked down and saw a small red spot on the side of the shaft, about the size of a BB. Today it is dark blue like the blood is drying up. Is this what happend to you and how lond did it take to go away. I don’t want to take a break but I think I have too. Good luck with the gains and keep us posted for inspiration.


Nice results in a relatively brief time — looks like you’ve got a good grip on your manual routines. I’ll say from my own gaining experiences that nice little week long breaks are indeed beneficial and even necessary in manual PE.

Other things I believe in; the usual drills really, tried and true:
Brief stretching after piss and shower.
Food, water, exercise.
No sex until marriage.

Before hanging

While preparing for a hanging project, work up a “baseball bat” or at least close to evenly distributed girth; then you’ll be in good shape for the Bib, should you ever find the need to use it.
I logged plenty of bib-hours during six months, succesfully gaining but then I had to stop. I couldn’t take the weight I needed; my glans would become half numb or slightly worse before my target area fatigued. I argue that the obvious reason for this was that my unit is a cone, resulting in too much hanger pressure too close to the glans. So, now I’m currently on a long and thorough decondition break, after which I’ll be enjoying serious girth work (read: horse404’s) on the top half of my shaft.


Newcredit,No i hadnt thought of using the bib hanger in that manner,might have to try that when i get nearer hanging time. Lots of interesting possibilities there, great post!

Irishpride, when I broke my blood vessel i quit all pe for one week,the discoloration wasnt quit gone , but after the first LIGHT jelqing sesion it completely dissapeared. The real question is why it happened and how to avoid it. what it boiled down to in my case was possibly- not warming up enough, jelqing at too high erection level,too much intensity/pressure,or too long a session. If your only one week into this I believe 1/2 hr is WAY too much. 10-15 mins tops, in my opinion more is not better. Just my opinion.


Just to let you know, I did the manual exercises for a full year before I started hanging. Now I’m hoping to see some gains again soon. I still to the manual stretching along with hanging.

Sheneedsmore, tell us about your routine/results.

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