The uncut stretch

This is my uncut routine for stetching, someone might find it useful…
I used to have problem with tight skin on erect dick, so that skin was painful when retract frm the head in erect mode..

I did 10 minutes of:
massaging skin with both thumb and index fingers (after hot showering member)
than strong pull outwards - to do this put both your thumbs inside of the skin (pull it ABOVE the head), and idex fingers are oh the outer side - hold tightly indexs’ and thumbs and pull outwards…. if it’s painful, stop and give it more massage
when you’re done (be sure not to push it to the extent fo cracked skin), pull the skin backwards in the semierect state and keep it down as you possibly can (stretch it towards the base)…than increease erection to the painful level (use nivea or other cream to soften the skin) and give it a massage to feel your touch

after you’re done - another hot shower or cupping

this will widen and prolongue your skin, as well as jelquing and stertching

I did it even with my ED problem
do it daily (even the rest days) and results will show in 2 weeks!

I call it “The cc’s Uncut skin stretch”, have fun!