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Push-Pull Tunica Stretch

Push-Pull Tunica Stretch

I’ve been PE’ing for a few months. I have been doing a stretch for a few days that I haven’t read about, although I’m sure somebody has thought of it. I would like some comments on the safety of the stretch.

It’s quite simple. It is a two handed stretch. Both grips are overhand grips. The grips are placed over the penis so your thumbs are touching. You push with the far grip and pull with the grip closer to your base. The push-pull gives a good amount of stretch in the tunica. It’s a 30-60 second manual stretch. And you just work your way up and down the shaft stretching the tunica in sections. As you are close to the base of your penis, your base hand grips works into an overhand O grip.

Observations: The tunica at the base is much tougher and a more intense pushing pulling is required. Using your thumbs are key; squeeze them around your penis to attach the grip. The thumbs are sort of the load bearing part of the exercise, the other fingers are the force part of the exercise, and the area in between your thumbs is the area being stretched. Be very careful when doing this stretch near the tip of the penis ( I don’t actually ever try to stretch the head) just behind the glans, because of the sensitive nerves. Furthermore, less force needs to be applied to get a good tunica stretch near the tip. The stretch has a sharper feel to it.. I wouldn’t call it sharp pain, but a sharper feeling. This is what worries me, as I am not sure if this is the nerves crying out. Although the feeling is sharp.. I make sure it’s not painful as not to risk any permanent nerve damage.

Comments from experienced PE’ers most welcomed.

I would guess with this there is more potential for injury, like with the erect bend.

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I’m quite certain I read about something like this, but they simply did the stretch at the base, midway, and 3/4, but not near the glans. Sadly it has been so long since I saw it last, I have no idea where to look for it again. :(

Thanks for the comments. It seems to be a great tunica stretch. I’ll be careful around the glans. I haven’t noticed any complications.. So I’ll continue with caution.

Tried it earlier this morning and isnt a bad stretch at all. Top stuff

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