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The name of the girth exercise

The name of the girth exercise

hi everybody,

pe going fine,but haven’t done anything for my girth.

there was this hard core exercise ofr fast girth gains,right?i just forgot the name of it to do a search.

could anyone help please?

and also,allready mentioned,but i don’t know how to measure..

when i kneel down,it gets up to 7 inches,if i stand it is around 6,65..

how should i do it?

also,about puting the ruler while measuring…

should it cover the penis totaly so it’s up against the very top against the pubic bone,in which case i would have dificulty seeing where it ends,or slightly aside,ih which case i gain some 0,5 cm…

anyhow,doing pe on and of for almost year and a half,with big breaks,but have gained almost 2 inches in lenght..


standing i was 5 inches,or something,now easily 6,65..

but stll not sure the things asked,

can anyone help me?



hi grow,

if your looking for an exellent girth exercise, then uli’s would be it. search the word uli’s.

also the point of measuring is a way of knowing how much your PE is working for you, so aslong as your measurment is in the same place everytime (top, bottom side), your gold.

Horse 440

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