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Girth exercise I found by accident...

Girth exercise I found by accident...

I was following a post by RB over at PE forum where a couple of guys were doing these erect bends for massive girth and length. I thought I was doing it right until DLD posted a picture he created showing how it was done, WOW, was I wrong… Now I’ve heard the warnings from several vets and while I have a huge amount of respect for the likes of RB and DLD I am still a newbie with only 3.5 months under the belt and as such will hold off on the erect bends until all the evidence is in on them… The previous text aside I would like to share what I was doing that made a difference for me… Here is what I found out by accident…

I got the trout as hard as I could, took hold of it and moved it to the left all the way… For the life of me I couldn’t get any reaction of any kind out of doing this and couldn’t figure out what the hell all the excitement was over this new post. I fucked around with it for a couple of days and about when I was going to give up on the whole idea I tried the same thing in a different way…

I woke up one morning with the old trout in fighting shape ( I was laying on my side) I played around with it a little and put it behind my legs and reached around from the back and held it at about the midshaft level. I then gently pulled up to the point it became slightly painful and held for approx 30 seconds.. I then gave myself time to once again become very hard then I repeated the motion only pushing down this time.. I did three sets of 30 seconds and by the second set I could feel a solid heart beat in the trout and it was starting to ache! I went into the bathroom shortly after doing this as I knew I would need to piss after sleeping the whole night and could not believe what I saw in the mirror… My prick was significantly larger in both girth and length… I really thought I was doing the new exercise that the vets on the pe forum were talking about but after I saw DLD’s pic I knew I was way off… Being that I’m still green at this PE thing I stoped the erect bending as per the picture but continued my accidental found exercise every other day… There is no doubt that this works (at least for me)… If anyone is interested in having a go at this I would appreciate some feedback if it works as well for others as it does for me… Since I have not found this exercise on either this forum or the PE (where I started out) I am calling it the

“RWG Reverse Trout Pull”..

Check it out!


I love new girth exercises. I want to give it a try.

So - while you are laying on your side, you are pulling your dick between your legs while it’s hard and then grab it midshaft and pull it up - towards your ass? then you push it down - do you mean down towards your hips while keeping your legs closed together so it won’t go back in, or do you mean down towards your feet?



Just lay on your side and push you dick down, it will be pointed toward your feet and be behind your legs, reach from behind and slowly pull your dick toward the ceiling for the count then get hard again and push toward the bed…

Man - i don't know about anyone else.....

But if i was even to get my dick to point at about 45 degrees down whilst fully erect i reckon it would snap off. I don’t know how you can get your erection between your legs at all.

That sounds impossible to me.

See Ya,


lay on your side with your legs tucked up that should do the trick…

I have been experimenting with these lately too

I have been doing this! steeler. LOL jk i have been pushing my erection down while jelqing and putting it between my legs and straightening my legs. It gives and amazing stretch throughout the whole penis. I did notice that within about 2 or 3 weeks of this that my erection angle changed by maybe 10-15 degrees. It is an awesome stretch but i don’t really want that, i might try it again sometime. Right now i am doing JAI stretches and these things are no joke. OOPS i meant to put this under regularwhiteguys post. Maybe you guys could move it there.


Anyone tried this and has any feedback?

I just spoke to Joe Seven who had a nerve injury from erect exercises, and he asked to remind you all to be very careful with these..


I just dont get this exercise… I tried it but I just dont get it….

might try the erct bending type exercises thingo…


I would stay away from the erect bend thing if your anywhere close to a newbie (like me)… Here, I”ll explain again a different way…

A). Lay on your side with an erection ( your knees should only be about 13 or so inches away from your chest).

B). Grab your erect cock and gently / slowly lift it up.. I say slow because moving it at only a fraction of an inch will make it feel like it’s going to rupture… Hold for a count of 30 or so seconds then repeat action pushing the trout down…. You will get it.. Keep tryin LOL…

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