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Testing bib's LOT theory


Testing bib's LOT theory

Note: Since this was written, LOT theory has been largely refuted. Should you pay attention to LOT theory? If nothing else it is an important part of PE history and spurred discussion. If you read this, it’s sensible to also read the alternate views. If nothing else, you will gain a better understanding of anatomy.

If you havent read the point of kegel thread thingy, go read it now and do the test.

Would anyone who has done this test and knows what angles they need to hit, be it tunica or lig stretching, be interested in testing bibs theory with a thundersplace experiment thingy??

One group would be high LOT doing lig work and the other low LOT, doing tunica work.

Then everyone would post their starting stats and finishing stats after a designated length of time. I would wager that most people will gain, especially in the lig group. This would add weight to bibs theory.

There are downsides to every experiment, like results being warped by cumulative effects of previous routines etc. Please post any ideas and point out any more flaws, I thought of a few while I was typing but lost em. It’s late.

Anyone want to try this?
I would, so thats 1 so far.

Good Luck

Post will be updated from here down:

Mr Cow

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Im down. Because im in the low lot,i think the routine i have now is good enough to test the therory with the blasters and m stretching We will see in a week when i post my new stats. Keep in mind i started my routine before knowing of bibs therory.

I'm in

I think Bib is definitely on to something here. I made really good gains my first month with mostly manual strecthing downward, and jelqing at a downward angle, even hung 3 or 4 times with a homemade hanger. Little did I know at the time, I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing, focusing my pull on a downward angle rather than a more horizantal pull. Recently, I have been trying more of the Blasters and Bundle stretches, basically pulling out horizantally more than anything. I know that the exercises can and will work very effectively but now I see that I need to focus on the ligs more first then hit the tunica later. Thanks Bib. I’m in SS4.



do you have a link to the kegel thread thingy?


And here I went and hunted down a link for nothing :)

About a month prior to Bib posting his theory, I started concentrating on tunica stretching, which his thread subsequently identified is exactly what I should be doing. I’m continuing to do so, and will measure again on 4-4-03. This will be about a 7 week test…

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thanks again

Count me in. I have already been doing my own version of this for the last month, specificly targeting where I need the work.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Lab Rat Interesting2001 reporting for duty! I have read and understood the kegal thread thingy. Have hanger, weights and wrap on the ready.

Right, What I am going to do is edit the first post whenever someone replys to say that they are in. That way we can see who has joined without scrolling through all the replies. Then when we get enough we can start things going.

We still need more ideas on the specifics of the experiment. Anyone have any ideas or can point out any flaws, speak now.

Manage - are you in?
Iamaru, I want to be you - which group are you in?
Interesting, - Which group are you in?

**ThunderSS** - Which group shall I put you down for eh?


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Count me in for the tunica group, cheers,



I’ll be in the lig. group.

Sounds like a great idea SS4,

I suppose I’m in the lig group, with an LOT at 9:00.

Plus I just started hanging a couple days ago. So I have no previous lig routine aside from some sporadic manual stretching.


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OK boys I put your names on the list.

Thunder - Are you going to elaborate on this PE related something else that you are busy with?

More lab rats, need more.

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