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Challenging the LOT theory

Challenging the LOT theory

Hey Guys! Well I’m surely in the newbie forum not because I started PEing now but I just decided to get the membership now after having leeched enough information from this fantastic site. Lemme take a moment to THANK the Mods and managers of this site. You guys are doing a great job.

I was recently going through the LOT theory and decided to check mine. My LOT is at 9. Great. Now what did that have to do with length gains I could get gain by hanging SD? After a careful analysis of the LOT theory here is what I have to say.( with all due respect to the guys who came Up with the theory)

Firstly when you stretch your dick out and hold it up close to your belly you are essentially also stretching the BC muscle (bulbo cavernosus) . In that position when you kegel I.e tighten your BC muscle it is very obvious that you will experience a tug back of you dick. Now as you lower your dick to a slightly lower angle you still have the BC muscle stretched. When you kegel in the second position you will still experience a tug back. As you lower your dick to lower angles your tug back will REDUCE simply because as you are lowering your dick you are also essentially also reducing the stretch on the BC muscle. In my case I’m losing LOT at 9 because my BC muscle is completely relaxed in that position and hence when I kegel I have no tug back (LOT).
In short, at higher angles the BC muscle is more stretched n hence the tugback. As you relax your BC muscle by lowering you dick you are relaxing it (BC) n hence no tug back. Hope this makes sense.

You could try doing this to check for yourself:- Press two fingers just between your balls and anus , more towards your balls. Now hold your dick in the other hand and yank it out fully. Do you feel the BC muscle stretch?? . Well now try this.. With your fingers placed on your BC muscle pull out your dick and angle in close to your belly. Do you feel the BC muscle stretch more ? Well I’m sure you will. What I wanna say is that your Ligs have nothing to do with your Tugback. Since it doesn’t have anything to do with your tugback why stop hanging?

The more you stretch a muscle the More it can contract. Stretch a rubber band softly and you will see it contracting as gently when released .Stretch it hard and you will see it contract as hard when released. Hope you get the point.

IMO the LOT has nothing to do with gains one could get from stretching the Ligaments. Even with a low LOT one could gain substantial length by hanging downwards.

BTW It would also be fair to look at the fact that no Ligament in the body has nerve receptors. I mean no electric impulses are sent to the Ligaments by the brain. The muscles receive the electric impulse and hence all the movement. Assuming what I’m saying is true , then how can it be true that the Ligs have anything to do with the Tug back. No impulse to the BC muscle no tug back whatsoever.. To cement my claim!! LOT has nothing to do with a tight or shorter Ligament.


Hi Thanks Slack. Well ever since I read the LOT theory I just wanted to say it didn’t appeal to me. BTW does hanging reduce your angle of erection?

Sounds feasible godofdeviltry. I’m confused enough with all the intricacies of PE and the LOT theory just adds to my confusion!

LOL shitaro. Just keep your eyes open . You’ll get what you are looking for . PE is mostly personalized . What works for me couldn’t work for you. So experiment a bit and I’m sure you find what suits you most. Good luck


I wonder who came up with the LOT theory. Id like to talk to the person just to clarify a few things ;-)

I don’t agree with the LOT theory based on the fact that whoever came up with it has ONE penis and just because his penis responds to certain exercises AND he has a certain LOT doesnt mean the two are linked in anyway.

Check this out.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Taboo ! What do you mean to say?? Don’t we all have just one penis?

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