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Temporary Numbness

Temporary Numbness

Yesterday I hammered the heated V and A stretches and did some erect downward bending for the first time. No problems there.

As usual before going to bed I put my soft Xleeve on and went to sleep. As is usual for me, I woke up about 3 hours later to got to the bathroom, before putting the Xleeve (with 5oz weight) back on and going back to bed.

I do something I don’t normally, which is position the Xleeve between my legs, in the bed fowfer position, and I can feel the tension.

1.5 hours later I wake up and something feels strange down there, part of my penis has become numb! I don’t think the head was numb but it seemed like some inner part possible on the left side of the shaft was numb, I couldn’t work out exactly what.

Luckily it was completely back to normal within 2 minutes, and the base at the top of the base where it joins my fatpad was quite sore, like what I imagine a really strong lig stretch feels like (which I’ve never experienced, bad LOT etc), but only on the left side.

Hours later when I finally get out of bed it’s still a bit sore but not much.

Now, the day is gone and I’m getting occasional minor stabs of pain in the same area, which is still sore but a bit less.

Anyone know what’s going on here? Could this be that I have stretched the left dorsal nerve or that I have actually managed to stretch the ligs?

Of note my penis curves to the left.

EQ seems normal, maybe a little smaller but I think it’s psychological.

I’m gonna avoid PE for a few days at least I think.

Appreciate any feedback :)

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I got a numbness similar to yours once- I couldn’t exactly pinpoint it, it felt as if it was under the skin just behind my glans. This was after a more intense jelqing sessions than normal. I just left my dick alone for a couple days and everything went back to normal.

I think your idea of laying off PE for a few days is a good one.

It could be the downward bending while erect. (not a good idead, semi erect would be better) then using another downward bend as in your fowfer position afterwards.

That may have proved too much overall tension and your dick didn’t like it.

A couple of days or so off is the best way to go about it.

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Work through the pain!

Originally Posted by Audacia
Work through the pain!

Best advice ever!

You should employ that advice next time you try to fit your head through a space it doesn’t initially appear to be large enough to fit through.

Take a week off and let the damn thing heal.

Or risk permanent erectile dysfunction.

The choice is yours.

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Day later: EQ is normal, no pain or any sign of numbness or damage. I’ll be abstaining from all length PE except maybe kegels until I get myself a heat lamp, which’ll probably be a month minimum, will resume jelqing in a week or so.

I certainly not gonna put penis in fowfer position when sleeping again.

Does anyone know what could have actually caused this? I’m thinking a nerve fibre was squashed somehow and not getting enough blood, and possibly stretched causing the soreness.

Running on each side of your shaft, away from the midline, you have a dorsal nerve of the penis, which is a branch of the pudendal nerve. Since they are on both sides of the penis, you actually have two of them. Anyway, these nerves are pretty superficial, which means they are close to skin, so when you put pressure on your skin, you may be compressing these nerves. If you compress a nerve that provides cutaneous sensation, like the dorsal nerve of the penis, you will get a tingling/numb sensation. The same thing happens when you bang your elbow and compress your ulnar nerve, or when you sit too long and compress your posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh, which leads to numbness in the back of your thigh, obviously.

Usually, this loss of feeling does not indicate true trauma, but you should take a break from PE for a day or two. If you have edema, or swelling, in your penis, fluid may be compressing the nerve. If you truly injure a nerve, the nerve will take at least 6 MONTHS to repair itself naturally. If you are experiencing numbness after 6months, you NEED to go see a urologist. You obviously should probably go see a doctor after a week or two, but after 6 months you have no option but surgery.

EDIT: I didn’t really read your post, I just saw Temporary numbness, so I felt like writing some stuff.

Neverthless a very good first post, cliquesh.

regarding fowfer’s….to me it just seems like i’m sitting on my dick. doesn’t that just restrict blood flow? are these really safe?

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You should not be sitting on your dick, your dick should be up your crack.

Agreed excellent post cliquesh.

Tweaking you numb nuts what are you doing going to sleep with devices on?! ;)

thanks…i will work on some fowfers tonight then!

Current 7.85" BPEL (7.25" NPBEL) x 5.75" MSEG| 6.25" BEG | 5" Flaccid Length

Goal 8" NBPEL x 6.25" MSEG

It’s been a couple weeks now, haven’t had any other issues whatsoever, so it sounds like what I originally postulated and what cliquesh said is about right.

I haven’t done any PE since the first post, mostly due to 3rd year exams taking up every waking minute and most of my sleeping minutes in study time. But it’s time to start again. Yay!

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