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Nerve Damage, Numbness


Nerve Damage, Numbness

Where do I begin? It sucks.. Bad!

This can happen from stretching, jelqing, or even masturbation.

If you notice numbness, this is what I’ve come to find to help heal nerve as quickly as possible. If you’re like me you’ll have no patience to wait and wait. In my case my numbness went away in a week, amazing feeling. But that week was hell. Unfortunately I damaged it again that week, and haven’t felt full feeling in 3 months or so, because I can’t seem to keep my hands off. So word to the wise, if you feel numbness, leave it alone for two weeks, seriously don’t touch it, don’t look at it, it will suck, but it’s better than 3 months!

Quick nerve terms:
Axons, the very thing that send signals through the body.
Myelin sheath, the insulation to these axons.
Both can be inflammed, hit, or cut.
Just bruising (and not lacerating them) is considered most likely to heal.
Takes forever to heal, nothing in ‘medicine’ to speed the process up.
Only pain medications, such as Lyrica, Neurontin, healing takes it’s own time.

So now in desperation and research to find out what the hell to get this healed (penis glans numb) in the fasted way possible this is what I found:
No masturbation, ever.
Takes hot baths.
Warm and cold wrap to shock nerves, moreso warm though.
Vitamin B, complex, but mainly B6, B12, Folic Acid.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Exercise wouldn’t hurt either, increasing circulation.
On somewhat of a side note, if you smoke, everything takes longer to heal.

Thats basically all you can do. If you get numbness, leave it alone for 2 weeks minimum. If it recurs wait a good 6 weeks.
Nerve damage takes f’n forever, and even if you’re the most patient person in the world, I guarantee you, you will piss and moan, until it heals.
This is not fun, at all. And the supps above are about the only thing for quick healing of nerves, most importantly the Vitamin B, SAM-e, and Carnitine. I’ve read Carnitine helps with axon regeneration. SAM-e helps with myelin sheath regeneration. Vitamin B supports a health nervous system. And 80% of the myelin sheath is lipid fat, so EFA’s are good. In the wonderful world of Neurology, when it comes to nerve damage and healing, all they have is for when it will heal is “bahh-uhno” and for how to speed up the healing is “stop damaging it.” Clearly advanced. Take my advice from the above, it’s really about the only thing you will find online to help to speed up the process. The rest is just to wait, wait, and wait. You have no idea how much I wish I kept my hands off my penis that first initial one to two weeks. It has been a very major distress to say the least. It has been a very major distress to say the least. Good luck, and most importantly God speed.

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Sorry about your own troubles, but thanks for passing this on to others.

Well it finally fucking healed! My lord it took forever, what a mind fuck, not to be able to touch your own penis. Anyway, I have ‘ah don’t touch it’ feeling after I cum so everything is pretty much recovered. I’ll go easy on him. But recovery’s a coming, good luck. Godspeed.

Good to hear. You mentioned methods to speed up recovery. Did you try all those or just a few? Any, in particular, you think worked well?

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Nuerontin is not good it fucks up your mind! And causes ED. I should know I was on it for almost two years.

Instead just stick to aspirin or arnica cream. The rest of the thread is great.

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Thanks, yeah neurontin is more for nerve pain, I didn’t have that. I did everything I listed, but I’d definitely put trust in SAM-e, L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B complex, hot baths, and warm and cold wraps. Oh and of course trying your best to stay off your penis.

Originally Posted by refresh9
Thanks, yeah neurontin is more for nerve pain, I didn’t have that. I did everything I listed, but I’d definitely put trust in SAM-e, L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B complex, hot baths, and warm and cold wraps. Oh and of course trying your best to stay off your penis.

You know what! I am such a dumb dumb! I re-read your thread excellent at best and found no mention of nuerontin in it. I was on that shit for almost two years for nueropathy due to diabetes and well it made my already bad case of ED worse. I became rather belligerent on Nuerontin and became fearful of everything. It took over a year for it to leave my system.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Glad to hear your getting back to normal refresh9. It must be a real relief.

And thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. Going easy, if it allows you to keep going, seems like a good route to take.

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Glad you are feeling better refresh9.

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I have been on Neurontin for a month or so now for nerve probs in my knee. I noticed it messes with my mind a bit. The first couple of weeks it was great and I found myself more relaxed, focused, and more assertive. Now I go between feeling normal again to feeling a bit loopy. The nerve pain in my knee has gone to my butt. Weird. No problems with getting an erection though. Sometimes it’s a bit like Ecstasy lite and I get these little waves now and then. My friends tell me to double the dose :) Doctor says that that is a normal side effect.

They say that Neurontin has been effective in treating mania/manic and bipolar disorder if other methods don’t work or aren’t suitable. At first I thought maybe maybe they found a cure for something I didn’t know I had, but now that it’s been inconsistent I don’t know what to think.

Kingpin or anyone else, can you tell me more about your experience, if you don’t mind me asking, of course. PM me if you wish. Thanks in advance.

Good to hear that you healed, not everyone is that lucky:(

Hydrolyzed Keratin (keratin taken from human hair through a chemical process and mixed with water) has shown benefits in regrowing nerves in the lab.

Http://…_regenerat ion

I wonder if hydrolyzed keratin creams could be developed and if they would permeate the skin enough to help repair damaged sensory nerves.

Similar Problem

Hi. Thank you very much for these great tips! It really gives me the hope that I can still recover in a week’s time.

I would just like to ask a few questions about how similar mine is with yours. My situation has these more specific details:
1.) I used penis extender for 8 straight hours on Sunday.
2.) on Monday, the following day, it felt numb, but I was still able to masturbate and ejaculate
3.) on Tuesday until today however, my penis cannot anymore erect. Total black out. There is no damage in the glans penis though, because it still looks red. I just really cannot erect.

Do you also have these situations before? I am totally scared about this.

(Side note: I already consulted a urologist, and he said that it can recover, but it may take a few days to even a month. He gave me Cialis and Lyrica. I also am taking vitamin B complex (b1@200mg, b6@200mg, and b12@10mg)

Will I be fine like you in a course of a week? I really am very jealous of your instant recovery while hopeful that will have the same. :)

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Listen to your doctor but remember that no one has posted on this thread for 9 years. Rest and no masturbation and you’ll be fine.

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