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Telling the Wife about PE

Temporary pump gains add fluid to the penis, which for me sems to pool under the skin, puffing out from the hard tissue underneath. I can still get and maintain an erection, but the extra size acts as an insulating pillow, cutting down on the good feeling for me. Of course, getting stretched by a fatter cock may provide additional stimulation for your partner, so you have to decide what is more important for this particular encounter.

And of course, remember that even bad sex is pretty good, especially when compared to the alternatives!

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

shared secrets

Great info luvdadus!

I’ve been practicing this approach with my wife for a while now and it never ceases to amaze me how she response in a most positive way.

My wife has seen my pump is is very interested in watching me pump. As a matter of fact I’m totally convinced she would love to do the pumping for me if I let her. And you know it is such a relieve not to have to hide this stuff. I think it develops a closer relationship in the long run. Like Jelktoid my wife has watched me hang and really likes it.

OK here is a little story for you guys, Saturday around 7 AM I was going to work and pulled into a donut shop. As soon as I stopped this hooker comes up to my truck and starts chatting about going to her room etc. Well I whip out my dick and start playing with it and tell her I ‘m getting it ready for her. Anyway I’m obviously not going there and I’m some what amazed at my overall degree of pervertedness and finally roll into the office.

Well at noon the wife shows up at the office and not being one to keep a secret I tell her all about the hooker deal. She got so turned on by this I was nailing her in the bathroom within 10 minutes or less.

Moral of the story…. secrets are good to share especially if they include some good dysfunction and stuff she would never in a million years expect to hear.

Bottom line I’m a sexual deviant and my wife needs to know this. It sure makes me feel better too.


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