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Telling the Wife about PE

Luvdadus, 10x7, braker and hang10: I’m not so sure it is a matter of female insecurity or a control issue. Perhaps in some cases it is as every relationship is different.

My wife does not try to control what I do, or anything like that. I guess if anything, I wish I could get more input and enthusiasm from her, since she is one of the two main beneficiaries of my efforts. In my case, It’s the so-what syndrome.

I’m glad 10x7 went through the “hell” to get “approval.” I laughed when I read his experience. It sounded like someone going to his boss for approval for something. 10x7’s sessions will be better with “approval” that without.

As Jelktoid and Ledzep eluded to, “She is not crazy about it, but goes along with it.” This is exactly my situation. I wish I could understand why she doesn’t understand. Better communication? I’m trying.

Its funny how so many of us are making gains, improving performance, etc. and our ladies are not willing to acknowledge the progress. Im4tunate2 has made great gains, makes his wife come 8 times, with little comment from her. What gives?

Along: Hang in there man. There may be some point in time when you will be able to share your program with her, and maybe even get one more on your team!

To those husbands/partners that have not told your significant other: What pain is worse? Getting caught, or just butching up and telling them now?

I prefer to ask for permission, not for forgiveness.

be back soon

I can’t say much about wives position on PE, cause I’ve started it after I split up with my wife.

but I’ll tell you that people (initially at least) don’t look at it positively at all. I’m a kind of guy that doesn’t like to keep secrets from the people close to me, so I told 4 of my closest male friends about PE. All of them first thought that I must be crazy, a couple of them really thought that I’m doing something stupid, and that maybe I need some help since I must have problems in my head.. but I didn’t give up on them and I didn’t apologize, I explained it all to them a few times until eventually I think that I managed to convince them that it’s really ok, and even kind of cool and now we joke about it all the time, plus I feel that at least some of them are secretly interested in trying it out, and one of them already got all the basic details from me so maybe he already started..

but the point is that this whole thing arouses very mixed and problematic feelings in people’s minds. think about it - most of us also had mixed feelings when we first heard about it, and it took time to understand that it’s not a hoax and that it’s actually ok (for me it was only when I found Thunder and other forums, that I could feel ok about myself doing it, seeing how all these guys are talking openly about it, helping each other etc.)


Well Its out there:

I read and interesting idea in another thread some time ago (I couldn’t remember the name of the thread so I thought I’d post here). The point was that a member had developed a way to communicate with his wife about sex. He apparently like me had a wife that is ok with doing it but bashful about talking about it.

This has lead to a situation where I have to basically read every bit of body language and her words. THis can be somewhat exhausting and sometime one reads wrong, but over 25 years I became a pretty good mind reader as far as my wife goes, but you can only go so far with this. Well an opportunity came for me to suggest this method to the wife, which she agreed to. We will basically email each other with 3 questions at a time in turn and have pledged total openess and honesty. I went first and used the opportunity to reveal that I had been doing kegels and jelqing to improve my erections (which is actually the main reason I started all this) and It worked and asked her support and understanding in this since I fully intended to continue my exercises. I layed this all out before I got to my 3 questions (which I made them easy for her for the first time out).

I told nothing about the PE aspect of it yet but I will if she connects some dots and asks about that. In fact I might introduce the idea on my own if she never gets around to asking about it, but I might not - I like the idea of her thinking it was always as big as it is now. We shall see. I know she has seen the email but hasn’t responded yet. I don’t think that she’ll do any thing but be supportive on the jelqing thing in view of the way I layed it out, but I do expect her to ask a few questions - like how long I’ve done them etc. Wish me luck, I don’t think that she’ll go nuts, but I’m hoping to introduce the idea later on of trying a pump. We’ll see……

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

interesting way of communicating


My wife has recently had a reversal of opinion on my PE world. In the beginning she thought nothing of it and I was excited to let her into this part of my private world.

Unfortunately now she wants me to lighten up on the hanging and is tending to lean toward the mind set of…… what’s up with this shit ! (my words not hers).

I absolutely have have no regrets about telling her.

Hope all goes well for you.


yo.. zep

Just a thought. Maybe she is singling out PE as a problem because there is something else that is really bugging her. I would try to bridge that gap by listening to what she says- women will often lash out at something important to their man when something important to them isn’t being addressed. Just my 2 cents :)

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You are wise beyond your years. Thanks for reading between the lines.


Luvdadus, Ledzep, 2in2:

You all are on the right track. If you are communicating with your mate, then you are well on your way of resolving many little problems before they become big problems.

Keep it up.


be back soon

Man guys,

I’m not married and I love my girlfriend more than anything in this g-damn world, but she knows nothing and I like it that way!

Unless she knows about Thunders Place.

I am not married anymore, but I have a girlfriend.

I started back into PE last year and began dating her right when I started. She noticed the bruising and asked what happened. I told her the truth and she instisted that I stop, and that I was already big enough (7”X5.75”)…….

Well we broke up a little less than 2months ago and I imediately started back into PE. Well we are back together. She noticed a size difference the very 1st time she put her hand on my penis. (or so she sais, she may have just suspected that I was doing PE agin because we were broken up) Well, since that day we had a couple of discussions about it. At first she wanted me to stop. I told her that I didn’t want to stop. She asked me why I needed to have a bigger penis……..I explained very simply that I wanted to “know” that I have a very big penis. She continued to argue that I was big enough. Then I said to here “If you could follow a program, and do a little work each day to have larger breasts would you?” (she has a beautifully tight body that I am very satisfied with, but she has A-Cup breasts. I know that she would like to be bigger) She replied with a yes and then asked at what size I would stop. I told her 8”X6.5” and she hesitantly agreed.

I have definitely gained some girth so far and she seems to love it during sex, and she hasn’t argued with me since.


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Damn do I love to be a single 20 year old :D

Hey nitro

I get pussy 15 times a month;)

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Re: Hey nitro

Originally posted by luvdadus
I get pussy 15 times a month;)

Do you mean the “same” pussy or 15x different ones ? :D

(EDIT : oh didnt know you were married , I guess -I hope- I already know the answer for that one.

Well, to be honest Im avoiding having sex lately, just feel that I should wait until Im ready (9 inches of lenght eheh) to go back hunting :D .


I hope you are not serious.

Once you get there you may find that few women want a tool that big, it could limit your options so to speak. If I were free I think I would go for 8”nbp (probably about 9” bp) but if I found a hunny along the way that it seemed like that would be too much for her I’d stop (resuming later if it didn’t work out after all).

btw I don’t think I’d ever tell a gf, unless it was a real long term committed livein thing. Women can be vengeful after a breakup.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Re: Nitro

Originally posted by luvdadus
Women can be vengeful after a breakup.

Thats damn right. Only way I tell *another* girl is if she invades my space and its getting in the way of my 2 hour workout. Atleast if I told her, she would give me my time to do PE, instead of making BS excuses on what I’m doing with those 2 hours ;)

For now though, its nice being single.

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