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Telling the Wife about PE

Telling the Wife about PE

Well guys/gals…

The Wife came in while I was surfing Thunder’s Place. “What’s Thunder’s Place?” She asked.

Well, this time I told her the truth instead of making up some lame excuse (she knew something was up). I told her about the exercises, the power jelk thing I bought, about the forum, hanging, and the reason I am doing PE in the first place.

Know what? She is OK with it. I though she would be. Then she said it: “Honey, I’m happy with the way you are now.” Yeah, right. Heard that one before.

I told her women say that size doesn’t matter, until they get into their little sewing circles, then size is king. She put up a weak argument, but did not go as far as admitting that I am right. Hope I didn’t blow it there. Maybe she is telling it straight!

I am looking forward to not having to sneak my sessions! Maybe with her on the team, my gains will come quicker.

Keep y’all posted.

be back soon


That’s great to hear. I told my wife several months ago, and although she wasn’t crazy about it, she went along. I think it is best to let them know if you can. In most cases, they are more understanding than we give them credit for.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Telling the wife

Hi dlf

You are a very lucky man to be able to tell your wife.

My wife would think I had completely lost it!

She won`t even talk about the most basic things, such as what she likes or dislikes, my/her needs etc…

I have been married 19 years and could count the number of times I`ve seen her naked on my hands. I love her dearly, but boy have I ever been frustrated for those 19 years. I don`t blame her for anything,she is just extremely shy!

I suppose thats one of the reasons I do PE, it keeps things just a little bit interesting.

dlf, If she says she`s happy with what you`ve got, believe her ,because you are a very lucky man.

Don`t over do it . Along

telling her


I’ve said this before ,” in my opinion telling your significant other is a major deal in PE”. One thing thou telling her is one thing. However having her watch is something different. Now if she is tuned in to your efforts she will probably give you space to do your excersices.

I hang with the BiB hanger and sometimes use a fair amount of weight. While I’m happy I don’t have to hid this activity it still makes me feel a little uneasy when she is around in the same room or watching what I’m doing. Some times she will ask me how much weight I got there. When I tell her she’ll come back with , “that’s it ” or something cute.

Way to go!



Sometimes I wish I had a wife to make those cute remarks…

Then I think, NAH!!!! Not just so she can make funny little remarks.


I think that you are right at least to an extent about the two fronts that women put on about this issue. I like the imagery “size is king in the sewing circles”- I’ll have to remember that one. However I will admit that the importance of size is quite variable. To some who do not place a great deal of importance on sex - the likelihood is that she would hang around with women of the same stripe. Maybe in circles like that sex, and penis size is unlikely to come up as a topic for discussion at all. On the other hand some groups of women may be a little on the slutty side and its all they talk about. But probably most women are somewhere in between. Regardless, they probably think it is much more important than they are willing to admit to you. They might think that you can’t do any thing about it - so why give you a “complex”?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

It’s tough to figure women out…even the one you have been with since 1976 (my case).

I was not sure exactly how she would react, but I knew she wouldn’t wig out or anything like that. She has always been great about accepting all of my quirks, even the ones that she couldn’t fully understand. I thought she would be a little more excited about the possibility of a larger unit, but thats OK.

I think that is where PE fits in. She doesn’t understand why I make such a big deal about size, but if thats what I want, then OK.

I explaine that I do it for me, but just as important, and maybe more so, I do it for her. I have to believe in the long run, she will come around to my way of thinking.

Now the pressure is on to make those gains, and prove to her PE is time well spent.

More later.

be back soon


I can really relate to your situation because mine is much the same. My wife and I have been together since 1978, and she accepts all my strange litte oddities just as yours does.

We had a lull in our sex life a few years back, and I went thru a period where I had trouble obtaining a good erection much of the time. I could always obtain a semi-hard erection, but it was pretty lame, and I just wasn’t reaching those hidden places that brought her ecstasy. She would often get very frustrated because I would blow my wad, and never get her off.

At any rate, this is about the time I found the PE Forum site, became very interested, and started PE exercizes. After a few months, I realized I would have to let her know what I was doing during those times I would just disappear for a while. This is how I explained it to her.

I said I was doing some new exercizes to:

1) Strengthen my PC muscle while minimizing the chance of prostrate cancer

2) Help me obtain harder, longer lasting erections.

I mentioned nothing about trying to get bigger in size.

Well, she thought the whole idea was a little on the weird side, but she didn’t say anything to try and disuade me. Rather, she just told me that she didn’t want to know any details of what I was doing.

It has been 2 years now since I have been doing PE exercizes (jelqing, hanging, etc) and she still hasn’t asked any details of what my exercizes consist of. She has not even asked why I have 40 lbs of Plate weights, lubricant, or any of the other PE parphenilia under our water bed. The only thing she has asked me is that when I do my PE routine, I do it behind a locked bedroom door. (we have 1 teen and 2 college aged students living at home)

Now, for the rest of the story. After 2 years of diligent PE, I have gained about 1 1/4” in length, and about 1/2” in girth. (I’m a slow gainer) However, the size difference coupled with the intensity of my erections has made a world of difference. She has made comments lately on the intensity and the amount of orgasm’s she is able to have during intercourse. I remember one night about 6 weeks ago where she said, “Damn, I must have cum 8 times”. Back when we were still newlyweds, 3 times was a marathon night for us.

She now initiates sex much of the time (something she has never done during 24 years of marriage) A few weeks ago when we were sitting around having a few beers, she commented that she could really tell a big difference in the way I feel inside her, and encouraged me to keep doing whatever it is I do (she still doesn’t want to know any details) This arrangement is fine with me. I have no desire to tell her I hang 20 lbs. of weight from my dick.

At any rate, PE has worked wonders for me thus far, and I’m sure if questioned, my wife would chime in with the dramatic positive effect it has had on our love life.


I will have been with my wife for 25 years New years eve this year. I won’t tell her if I can avoid it - Its kind of fun knowing that her attitude had changed (I’m sure mine has too somewhat). After 25 years of marriage we can finally talk (just a little) about sex She even admitted after a morning quickie today what her favorite position was (me on top her heels hooked over my shoulder). BTW for those who say that only the first 2 inches of the vagina matter, I say bullshit. I tease her by inserting only about 3 inches for a while and soon she is digging her heels in me whining for me to push it in deep. Anyhow I won’t get any bigger than 8” in lenght bone pressed. As it is I can cause a little discomfort when I’m not careful at certain times of the month. So since I only have 1/2’ length to go I won’t be hiding pe any more, I’ll just discretely do maintenance exercises. Let her believe I was always this size. If caught jelqing, I’ll tell her its to strengthen my erections (it was the reason I started jelqing in the first place - so that is true actually)

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

This subject is very interesting. In my case I have been with my girl that is my wife for 16 years. (i call her my girl around here because she doesn’t want to be mentions as wife in this forum a woman thing I guess) I when true hell to get the approval. I when to PE pay site and got interested then talk to my girl for two weeks before I started. That was two weeks of very frustrating and intense negotiation. The last word on or last conversation on my part before I started was don’t matter what you said or do is my body and I can do with it what i want then she rally blow a fuse. Then a night after she came and apologize to me for been so stubborn and toll me that I could try it but if it didn’t work in one month I should quit. Well it did work for me even before the month was up. Now I have been doing PE for about tree months and she still bitch about it tell in me that I’M seek locking my self in the office of the house for hours playing with my weapon and spending to much time with it. But when we have sex she loves it. I think she is more concern abut me doing PE because she think I’M having an affair or looking to have one and want to look bigger for some body els that was one of her points on the to weeks discussion. For me I Rather have her know whats is going on that have her catch me doing it. Ten by Seven

My weapon and I are in for a long battle

I hope i don't

piss any of the women on this forum off with this one. Here goes.
It seems that there is a certain part of the female psyche that needs to control the man she is with in certain areas. Sex is definitely one of these areas. Lets face it, women are the gatekeepers of sex in most relationships. Your getting a bigger unit represents a loss of some control to her - she feels threatend.

>>I have been doing PE for about tree months and she still bitch about it tell in me that I’M seek locking my self in the office of the house for hours playing with my weapon and spending to much time with it.>>

Not knowing the particulars - are you spending too much time on it??

>>But when we have sex she loves it. I think she is more concern abut me doing PE because she think I’M having an affair or looking to have one and want to look bigger for some body els that was one of her points on the to weeks discussion.>>

Isn’t it strange that now that you can ring her bell better than ever before she gets possesive and paranoid? Women have a strange double standard in this area. Once they see you as a STUD they are constantly looking for evidence that someone else is benefitting. My wife has a strange double standard that involves the way we dress. It seems that if I expose a little too much chest or my dickhead shows too much through my pants she feels that I should re-adjust without question. However if I mention my discomfort that her blouse is unbuttoned too far I am made to feel like I am less than the all confident male I should be.
I am actually a little flattered that she is a bit jealous but the double standard/control issue does piss me off sometimes.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

luvdadus - you are right on!

this is so frustrating, why do *some* (notice, not all!!) women try to control men so much, ten by seven - it pisses me off that she would even allow herself to give you ultimatum of a month, I mean can you even imagine this happening the other way around? her wanting to do something for herself and you not allowing her to do it, negotiating with her??? maybe I’m wrong but my guess is that she would think that you are way out of line..

…or looking to have one and want to look bigger for some body els …

This reminds me of a Jerry Springer show(or was it Ricki Lake?) no matter. Where women had their hearts set on having breast implants and their husbands/boyfriends threaten to leave/divorce them if they go through with it. The guys have excuses, oh honey your fine the way you are or I’m afraid once you do it you’ll change.. Of course because this is TV all the girls go ahead and have the implants anyway, and not suprisingly all the husbands/boyfriends are happy with the results and there are no breakups/divorces.

The moral… a lot of their objections is due to their insecurities, they are afraid that after the change you won’t love them anymore and will leave them for someone else, or if you are small it’s their way of keeping the upper hand, in their mind, he’s small no one else will want him so I get to keep him.

Deal with their insecurities and alot of the objections go away:)

Luvdadus I have a toff schedule this is what I do from Monday to Friday get up in the morning at 5: 00AM give her a good morning Kiss. go spend one and half hour hanging. After finishing everything with hanging is about 6:30 to 6:45 after that I spend about 45 minuets with her and the kids getting them ready to go to school and her to go to work. 7:30 go to work comeback at 6:00 PM and spend about two hours with her and the kids then at 8:30 I go to my office for about one hour for my pumping session Tuesday,Saturday and Sunday I don’t pump. Saturday and Sunday I just spend time with the family. I don’t know you guys judge for your self if I spend to much time on PE. I believe that she is tremendously jealous and insecure with me she always have been any way. Braker I really did’t care at that time what she said she new she lost the battle so she was trying to to gain some ground back by telling me that I had one month. And yes she thi think I’m going crazy even do I try to convince her that this is just normal. Lately I really don’t care about what she thinks or do. I know this is working for me and no body is going to stop me or my weapon from meeting or goals. Ten by Seven

My weapon and I are in for a long battle

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