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Yo guys!
Ever since i really started getting into PE, ive had a good deal of “puffyness” around the head of my penis. Most of it however is on the underside…
Now i think it makes a good session to have some swelling and puffyness, but mine happens soo quick! I can jelq at about a 50% erection for about 10 minutes, and then do like 5 minutes of 85-90% erection jelqing and im already starting to see signs of puffyness….this is on a day when i go for length.

When i go for girth, i jelq 85-90% for about 10 minutes and then do about 10 Uli variations and im puffy. When i started getting really serious about gaining, i used to feel a good “pressure” inside my dick after i was done…but now i dont have that feeling and im getting as much swelling.

My question is: because my dick gets puffy sooo quickly, what can i do? Should i keep going to complete my session and then take a day off? Or, because my penis isnt getting as much stimulation because i stop when it gets really puffy, should i go for an almost daily rutine?

Thanks guys! This has been bothering me for a while…


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Once I go past the 10 minute mark during a jelqing session, I start to get puffy at my circumcision scar, too. I keep my sessions limited to 10 minutes, but with a good amount of intensity.

Some possible suggestions:

* Keep your current routine, and just add more intensity to your 10 minute jelq session.
* Modify your routine where you do a 10 minute morning session and a 10 minute night session (add rest days where you feel they are needed).

Right now, I’ve decided to slowly add 1 minute to my jelq time every few weeks or so. I hope that my dick will get used to this and quit with all the puffiness.

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