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Stretching the testicles?

Stretching the testicles?

When I was young, I had hydrocele testis. Since then, my right ball has always been kind of stuck on the top, while my left ball can be moved around like a free bird. This looks weird and feels uncomfortable, especially when my testicles gets very cold - it might even hurt some. I’ve been to a doctor regarding this, but he said everything was fine.

Now my question is, can it be dangerous to stretch the link between the testicle and the groin?

And if its not, have someone of you tried it? Would be cool to be proud of the whole package in the future he he.

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Goal: 8 x 6

Anything we do can be dangerous if not done properly. S’why the vets are constantly telling ambitious young newbies to take it easy. As far as stretching, I personally don’t know if there’s a low-risk way to correct your problem. I’ve heard of people stretching the testicles away from the body, but usually only temporarily for sex and stuff. I might be wrong, but could a leather band cock/ball ring help? Maybe if the testicle was pulled away steadily, it would stay there. Kinda like the giraffe neck women in Africa. I don’t profess to be an expert, the opposite, in fact. Any one else have any ideas?

PS: I hope there’s a way for you to get the “whole package”.

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I’ve been using a stretching device for a year now and although I have seen good gains, my scrotum seems to be trying to disappear into my body. I’ve looked at leather bands and collars, even specialist weights (that cost a fortune). I don’t want to fit a contraption that cannot be quickly and easily removed, so hit on the idea of using small diameter elastic headbands that girls use for fixing ponytails. Bought a set of 8 - so far so good; testicles forced down but I’ve only had them a couple of days so can’t say for sure that the idea is a winner

Teninch,I have the same thoughts as you,since I am in the same situation,only my left testicle is on top.What I do is I strech the sack,concentrating on my left ball,easily,and hold for a minute.It seems to be helping a little.

I vowed not to post until I had something to add. Here’s the chance: A c-clamp makes an excellent cheap sac stretcher. Slip a piece of tube sock over the nads for comfort. Stuff the ballsack above the nuggets into the c-portion of the clamp and spin it closed. Sports tape can be used to size the clamp down, but the ones I got at the home depot fit nicely and have a good weight. Slip a sock over the whole apparatus for comfort. Cheap and easy! As for results, I just started.

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