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Testicles riding high and stretching shaft skin

Testicles riding high and stretching shaft skin

Only been trying the PE for a week, but I have a question about testicles and stretching skin.

I don’t have any extra skin on my dick at all. Even dry, when I get an erection, it looks shiny from the skin being pulled so tight. How can I get the skin on my dick to stretch and not pull down the part where the hair grows? I searched, but found nothing. My hair already grows fairly far up my shaft and I’m thinking my circumcision plays a large role in this. There is a picture on this page, second image down about how it looks. The sack ends about 2.5 inches past where the insertable part of the shaft should be. From this image, I believe I may have had the skin pulled too tight when circumcised.

My other problem is that my testicles ride very high. So high that when I get an erection, one or both “pop-up” out of the sack and into the tissue in front of my pubic bone. It doesn’t happen every time and is painless unless I am having sex and then they take the brunt of the thrust and it is excruciating. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this? I’ve tried the last few nights sleeping with my sack pulled back BTC, but it doesn’t stay that way very long once I’m sleeping. I was thinking about tying something between my penis and balls to keep them separated, but I don’t want to injure them and I don’t know if the problem is the vas defrens are too short, the skin is too tight or a combination of both. After having this problem a few times with my current GF, she suggested I put a pony tail band around my testicles during sex to relieve the problem, which is a great temporary solution, but I would like a permanent solution. I have been embarrassed by this my whole life, so any suggestions, as long as they’re safe, are most welcome.

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Can you tell if perhaps it’s your scrotum skin being too tight causing your nuts to ride too high? It is possible to stretch your scrotum over time. I am having a hard time finding them right now but there are some people who have posted routines for this. Here is something from the Tom Hubbard archives:

2002 Site - Tom Hubbard

Concerning the tight skin, most people report that doing PE over time helps to regenerate skin. Just routine jelqing made a noticible difference in loosening my skin.

Do a search for foreskin restoration if you’re looking for more information specific to skin.

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I suggest that you gently pull your balls down and keep them pulled for 30 seconds, once a day for the first week, then increse the pulling gradually. I can assure you that the balls will come down if you are persistent with the exercise. Do not be afraid of the mild pain, but do not stretch if the pain is tough.

Sorry, I meant ‘increase’

Yes I have this tight balls syndrome and I’m determined to get them loose. I’m sick of having them, at times, up around my throat; in cold water they’ve disappeared ditto during sex. I’m doing manual stretching, but I’ve just found some smooth, wooden curtain rings and have started using these on the top of my balls to (hopefully) push the little buggers down!

Unfortunately for most of us skin gains are usually the first gains seen. In you case this may be a good thing. Scrotal skin stretches very easily, there are a number of methods just do a search. I’m not sure if stretching the scrotum will help your situation, but I don’t see how it could hurt. Just jelqing, manual stretching the scrotum and doing the newbie routine will get the process started. Later on you might want to look into pumping. I believe pumping brings about excessive skin the quickest

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Foreskin restoration.

You are right when you say ” I believe I may have had the skin pulled too tight when circumcised. “

So go to the root of the problem

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