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Stretching and angle of erection

Stretching and angle of erection


I currently have a low lot which is good for early gains as stated on this site. I’ve also seen that once you have reaped these benefits, your angle of erection decreases. My question is does this reduce the level of enjoyment for your partner? I’ve heard that erections that point upwards are good for arousal.


Do you mean your erection points down? If so would you say 4 or 5 o’clock? Is this what you mean?

If so, then I’d venture to say no. My erection points downward but my wife doesn’t mind. Instead of hitting the mark in missionary you can hit it with girl on top. At least this is what I’ve found. Or are you talking about something else?


at the moment it points upwards at about 10:30. I’m basically wondering whether lower erection angles (eg 9.00) due to stretching downwards has an adverse affect in terms of sensation on your female friend.

Thanks for your reply. That’s 1 for no adverse affect.

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