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Tunic stretching and restoring high erection angles...

Tunic stretching and restoring high erection angles...


I can’t believe an old pro like myself is only allowed to post in the newbie section. *sniff sniff*

Years ago I used to be heavy into heavy weight hanging and swinging and as a result I have permanent big low hangers. My nuts are larger and when my sack hangs, it hangs. When it doesn’t I look “normal.”

In retrospect, having big low hangers is kinda’ a nuisance but you can’t go back once you got the permanent “gains.” At least the gals (and guys too) dig it.

However, my hanging stretched out my suspensory ligaments so my erection angle is at 9:00 which is straight out perpendicular to my abs.

I would like to raise that angle. I thought it may be irreversible but I “accidentally” found this site (seriously, I was searching for something totally non-related) and I caught a comment or two that stretching the tunic restores erection angles.

With respect to tunic stretching I am indeed a total newbie. Can anyone point me to the “bible” of tunic stretching so I can understand how it works and how to do it?

Any other input into how I might raise my erection angle would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Sorry, I don’t have the answer to your question. But, if you would be so kind, I am interested in the events that lowered your angle. Specifically, how long and from what angle? I am assuming you were doing BTC hanging.


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