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erection angle and PC/LOT questions

erection angle and PC/LOT questions

Firstly, i’d like to thank whoever put this forum together, it’s an awesome resource! Ok, i’ve been doing a bunch of research but theres so much information i need a little advice.

I found this site while trying to see if there was a way i could change my angle of erection, never did i guess that i could actually increase it’s size! Anyways my erection points up at about 11:00 and won’t go down past 9:00, it really limits the number of positions that the gf and i can do and makes switching positions cumbersome as well. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Also I with a LOT just below 9, I wanted to try stretching my ligaments, but was wondering what effect, if any the PC muscle has on downward stretches. I have a very strong PC muscle from trying to pee as far as possible and/or repeatedly stopping the flow when I was a kid(I was weird to say the least), but the side affects aren’t so bad :) . I read about DLD Blasters, and those seem to give me quite a good stretch, but is a variation pulling downward safe, or does the PC have any effect on downward stretches.

I know, too many questions, but be easy on me, it’s my first post :D .

Westla or someone else needs to answer your question about the PC.

I don’t really understand what you’re getting at. I do understand you want to lower your erection angle. For that, downward pulls or hanging will work well.

Try to rephrase your questions so a dummy like me can help you.

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Originally Posted by overhere

… or does the PC have any effect on downward stretches.

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To be brief and straight to the point, no the PC does not have any effect on downward stretches as all the force it taken by the ligs at that angle.

Welcome overhere,

A lot of folks like a high erection angle as it can be used to stimulate your partners G-spot. It does limit some positions though. It is also a classic sign of a raging boner.

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thanks for the responses. Sounds like I’ve got work to do!

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Welcome to Thunder’s Place overhere. You should read this so you can understand where the PC muscle is, where the BC muscle is, and why neither one makes much difference when you’re trying to change your erection angle. Doing some lig stretches might make it lower, but most guys are trying to make theirs higher, so you’re already at an advantage. Give yourself some time (like 20 years) and it will start to lower all by itself. :D


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