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stretchers vs hangers

stretchers vs hangers

I have searched for a good thread on this and can’t find much info.

I have tried hanging and am Inerested in swittching to a stretcher. My reasons are with hanging I can’t move around much and I tend to have to rewrap a number of times and put on my bib starter a few times as well till I get it right. With a stretcher it seems that I could do more with it on and wouldn’t have to rewrap as many times. I’d probably do it for a few hours before going to bed and read/watch TV with it on.

Folks that have done both-

which do you prefer and why?

which was more comfortable?

which gave better results?

other comments?

Best stretcher? (I’m thinking autoEXT)


Stubby, I’ve used the same little vacuum cup attachment to hang (for about six months) and to stretch (for the last three weeks in a home made stretcher). I would say that the stretcher is definitely more comfortable and more convenient.

I would say the major difference between conventional hanging and stretching is that hanging can involve much higher weights/tension.

I think the stretchers that use a noose or a strap are limited to about 1kg force. I have a feeling that might not be enough for good results - so monkeybar’s AutoExt could be a good improvement.

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>which do you prefer and why?

Hanging, I wanted a larger dick in a reasonable amount of time.

>which was more comfortable?<

Hanging, most ADS were a pain in the ass for such little reward. Learn how to wrap correctly and hang effeciently, you should realize it is somewhat of an art, there is a learning curve. You probably would benefit from reading the Product guide again and reading some old posts in the Hanging Forum.

>which gave better results?<

hanging, by a long shot

>other comments?<

You don’t have to be “tied” down while hanging. I could walk around the house drinking coffee, cleaning and other tasks while hanging, be creative.

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