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question/observation for manual stretchers

question/observation for manual stretchers

I am a manual stretcher from the begining. I wonder if you notice the same thing regarding soreness.

I warm up only when stretching, either a heating pad or in a hot shower. I make sure I am free of any body oils, soap by “bath and body works” does a great job of this. I then get baby powder on my hands and stretch. Usually for 20-30 minutes, reaching under my leg and pulling straight down, then alternating with an intense straight upward pull. I kegel during each entire stretch as hard as I can, and get a stretch that is really mind blowing.

Here’s my question/observation.

Immediately after and for the next day, I am sore from my lower abs all the way through my shaft. The ligs and CC is quite sore to the touch and when I cough, I feel it deep down inside where the so-called “inner penis” is. I am not sore behind the head where I have been grabbing, nore is the skin stretched feeling. The soreness is inside the length of the penis itself.

Have any manual stretchers noticed this? Any hangers notice this?



>Any hangers notice this?<



HJ9, I have definately noticed the lower ab soreness, but only when I’m working them in the same day as lengthening the ligs.

As to the soreness, the fact that you have soreness is encouraging, and when I do manual stretching I don’t feel it in the skin much (did to start with).

Bib, I’d like to hang, but haven’t found the courage to do it. I feel sometimes like I’m going to pull my dick off with my hands. I can’t imagine hanging a weight on it. I do think that if I were to hang, I’d see dramatic results since my success with manual.

ICM, I don’t feel it on my skin, it’s sore on the inside, like I’ve stretched and torn the CC and the ligs. My dick is “connected” high up on my pubic bone, so I’m trying to tear it loose and hang a bit lower. I think that if I hanged, it would tear faster and I could get up to 9” quickly.



You pull harder on your dick with your hands than the weight does, but the hanger pulls longer. If you work up slowly with weight and take the hanger off often you have less of a chance hurting yourself hanging with a device like the bib than you do with pulling with your hands.

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It sounds like you are getting a great stretch. 20-30 minutes? I am unable to acheive that kind of soreness even with 3X20min. sets hanging. I gather that you are basically pulling as hard as possible. Is there a system that you use, like hold for 2mins., relax, repeat, or do you just play it by ear?

danthemann, I have very strong hands from years at the gym. I stretch as described above, but the tension is gradually increased. I start with just a normal pull and can hold for around 5 minutes or so. Then I re-apply heat and slap the blood back into it. then the next set. I use both hands to keep the tension consistent and it doesn’t wear out my triceps. When pulling up, I rest my hand on my stomach, and it keeps from working the biceps. All the pressure is on my thumb and first finger, the grip right behind the head. The last 10 minutes or so are VERY INTENSE. I would not stretch this hard if I hadn’t been doing this for many years. I feel the ligs and stretch throughout the entire stretching, but the last, intense stretches are what make me so freakin sore. I kegel during the entire stretch, so that multiplies the stretching effect.

Dino, you are probably right. The last few minutes are a workout, for my dick as well as me. It’s just the wrapping, then tightening, then adjusting, etc,…that process would wear me out. It’s just so much easier for me with my lifestyle, to freewheel manually. All I need is a source of heat and baby powder. Sometimes I even use Gold Bond Powder…it’s tingly. I would like to try hanging if I had the time. I just know I could hit 9”+ fairly quickly.

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