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Still asking questions....sorry....

Still asking questions....sorry....

Hi guys…still here, still peing…still questions to ask…

First of all…I noticed that my foreskin is too tight and my base has a ridicolous girth…….know what happened? my base is still the same, mi glans is bigger, my middle shaft is bigger and my upper shaft is still the same because my skin, when pulled past the glans tightens my penis….

But still it is skin, isn`t it? it sould be stretcheable….so I started stretching it….while jelqing I take some breaks,(every 50-100 strokes) and insert 3-4 fingers in my foreskin, then start to stretch….It`s just been a week since I started and I can`t measure my results…do you think it may work?

Now….I noticed that if I pull down my foreskin while jelquing it does a sort of tourniquet effect that may allow me to work on my glans….BUT, I think I`ve always suffered from a light form of ED, having hard erections, fairly regularly but with spongy external glans tissue and tunica(part of my penis facing the ground when erect….ehm yes, whe erect my penis doesn`t stay that much up…..)…. and I woder if that can be related to that…..substantially….should I stretch, cut or use my foreskin????????

Last question….does the bib`s hanger “always” (relatively speaking, obviously)increase base girth?

Thank you guys

Can I insult my self?

You Idiot, why didn`t you read the guidelines?

Stop using “…” and start capitalizing the first letters and so on.

Sorry guys, I will make an effort to stop it…oh I`ve done it again.

(no, really, I know, I should have been more careful)


please…dont…use…so…many…of…these…in. ..your…posts…thanks.
Edit: you posted that last one while I was typing this.

A good way to stretch foreskin is to do your jelqing but keep it held half way back over the head, so that as the head expands it stretches the skin too. Your idea sounds like a good one, so keep doing that too. It doesnt take much effort to stretch skin, you should see results fairly quickly.

There was a thread recently that talked about this but I cant remember where it is. Try searching and see what you come up with.

EDIT AGAIN: that thread:
Foreskin trouble

Also, hanging generally adds base girth, I dont really know why this is or if it always happens with everyone, but I heard of a lot of people who have experienced it.

Good luck, hope this helps

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