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Foreskin trouble

Foreskin trouble

I’m uncut and am having troubles with my foreskin. In no way do I want to be circumsized,but I cannot retract my foreskin all the way when errect. It’s actually very tight and hurts past a certain point. Another thing is that since I’ve started PE I find I’m gettin extra ballskin that forms some what of turkey neck between my penis and ballsack. Are there anyways to improve my problems or am I screwed? Once again I have no intention to be circumsized. Thanks.

See? That post did serve a purpose, I guess.

Here’s what a friend of mine had to do, ordered by a doc and physiologist back in Germany as a solution to tight foreskin: Hot baths!

When taking a bath, stroke yourself to an erection, hold it and try to retract your foreskin slowly. It might take a couple of months, but your foreskin will loosen up. By how much and if it helps your condition, that I don’t know. Helped my friend, though. Can’t hurt to give it a shot.

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Hi Gard,

If you do jelqing and uli-type exercises, the forskin will strech really easily. It can be uncomfortable, so take it easy, and if you do do these methods, make sure the foreskin is over the head, so it can stretch. You will feel it happening. My problem is that my foreskin is too big. It extends nearly half an inch over the head when flaccid, so I need to work on filling that gap.

Also, if you do these exercises with the forskin pulled halfway back down the head, you can stretch the opening area, if that is what needs work. Again, take it easy.


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I have the same problem about retracting to the max my foreskin… my foreskin is normal it doesn’t extend so much but my penis doesn’t look very well erect when you still have outter foreskin surrounding your head…

Is there any more sites about this problem? It would be good to know about ‘em >.>


thats wierd. so you can’t fully pull back your foreskin to fully expose the head?? if this is what ur saying then you may have a slight problem, nothing serious. ok, firstly, what i would do is slowly pull back, more and more each day, until eventually you can pull it back no problem. the idea is to slowly “stretch” the opening of the foreskin to be able to slide over your head easily. ill always been able to retract my foreskin without problem (i am uncut) so slowly stretching the opening might solve your problem. the other solution is surgery. nothing big, its performed all the time. IT IS NOT CIRCUMCISION! the doctor cuts a little slit (about .5 cm or .25 inches) on the foreskin. this loosens the tension allowing you to retract your foreskin. the slit will heal normally again and you will not notice a difference. this is a quick procedure and im sure any urologist can do it in a quick session. there is NO removal of foreskin in this procedure, it is not a circumcision. just ask your doc or do the gradual stretching method (when erect) and you’ll see results.

hope this helps.

Well I mean I can retract my foreskin to the max by myself pulling it… but when I go erect normally it doesn’t seem to retract the same way when I pull it <.<

I know this isn’t a problem to worry about… but it’s kinda weird… but I noticed that doing those exercises are helping me…. I do it every hour and I’m getting results… very slowly, but let’s expect more days…


Originally posted by popp
thats wierd. so you can't fully pull back your foreskin to fully expose the head?? if this is what ur saying then you may have a slight problem, nothing serious.

No, I can expose the head and very small part of the shaft, but I can’t pull it back all the way.

I think this is working. I noticed that I can pull back my forskin just a little more than before. After that point it still hurts but my skin is stretching out.

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