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Stetching skin, penis, or both?

Stetching skin, penis, or both?

Hi all,

Just looking for some feedback regarding stretches for cut guys. I’ve read the instructions for several stretches that talk about pulling the skin back before you grab behind the head, and well…it just doesn’t work for me. I do some straight downs, outs, and ups as well as BTC. Even when I hang with 5lbs weight I have to pull the skin up around the head a little to maintain a decent grip. I’ve heard this is okay, but was hoping for some feedback from members with similar experience. I haven’t gained much from PE, but I’m sure it is because of my schedule and lack of dedication. At the very least I am enjoying the increased penis health from it. Looking forward to hearing some stories. Thanks.

Well, 120 views and no replies. Guess I missed with this one. I was just curious if anyone else has the same problem as me. I just cant pull right behind the head very hard without losing my grip so I need to use some foresking to help out. Thanks all.

Hmm.. I’m interested as I’ve just been cut. I’m still healing so as silly as this sounds, I’m not sure how tight my cut is behind my head. If my skin is nicely below the head & covering the entire shaft, should I take stretching or jelqing into a different technique?

Sorry to hijack your thread, LOL, just I am confused with a foreskin issue also.

Am experienced at hanging with Bib and am cut. Wrapping is the key to hanging plus having your Bib toed-in. Stretch the flaccid penis by grabbing glans and keep it extended while wrapping. The wrap covering half the glans. Apply the hanger in this penis extended state. When weights up to about 10# are applied the hanger will prob not slip; however at higher weights the hanger will slip forward the half inch you allowed behind glans and will come to rest with hanger shoulders against glans. My max is 25# but prefer 22.5# for all hanging. Surely you do not want a bunch of loose stretched skin on your unit….so limit the skin stretch.

Monsterjohnson,I pull a little skin forward when I stretch too.It is no big deal and it won’t hurt you.I’ve tried stretching by grabbing right behind the glans,but I get a much better grip with a little skin up there.I also pull a little skin ahead when I hang.

I have done it both ways. I used to always pull the penis out, skin back, before stretching as I thought this was necessary to get a good pull on the inner penis, without pulling on skin. The problem with this method is that it often hurts, and can also easily slip.

I read on this forum from guys who do the opposite, meaning you pull the skin forward toward the head a little before you wrap. This provides a skin cushion around the edge of the glans and makes it much more comfortable. It also helps with slip. The downside to this technique is that it sometimes feels like you are stretching the skin around the base of your penis more than you are stretching the actual penis.

I think pushing some skin forward toward the head before you wrap is probably the best, just don’t push too much forward. Even if you feel some skin stretch, you are stretching your ligs and tunica as well, I think.

That’s what I wanted to hear :)

It seems like the skin would stretch some at first, but then as long as you don’t keep pulling all of it forward you should be okay.

Thanks all.

Done both ways and personally feel that not pulling out then stretching skin back give a better grip in the sense of less slip and more base pull. But I’m currently using the other method, so whatever floats your boat. Just make sure your ligs feel fatigued after.

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