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white dry skin on penis

white dry skin on penis

Hi Guys,

I have had white scarlike tissue on my foreskin. At one time I could not retract the foreskin and had to stretch the skin. Some times this skin becomes dry and starts to flake off but always seems to return. If I pull on it it will peel back the skin and hurts. Does anyone know if this is scar tissue and if there is any way to fix the problem? It seems as though this tissue does not stretch well and may possible be spreading.


Hey Smokey,

Welcome to the forum. Get some vitamin E gelcaps, pop one of them open and spread the oil on to the area. Really good stuff. Try this for three or four days and if it doesn’t start clearing up, come back here and call me a dumb fuck. Then we can move on to other possibilities.

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Ever try fragrance-free almond oil, tea-tree oil, or Vitamin E?

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I have this too after really heave horse squeezes, well I really dont mind because it heals in a couple of days.

How much does that vitamin E stuff cost, and where can someone get it?

Looking to be a kiwi.

I get that kind of flaky dry skin every once in a while. Only on the shaft, NEVER the glans…

I usually take a week or two off completely and it goes away.
But it will almost invariably come back to some degree when I’m going for the girth.

I also find that having sex without a condom will worsen then dryness when you have it. Possibly the acidic environment. Washing thoroughly afterwards would probably prevent it from making it worse though.

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