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So I've resumed PE

So I've resumed PE

…since my scheduled one month break has come to a close.

And my first workout completely sucked!

First of all, my plans to use my steam machne during manual streches didn’t work at all. I couldn’t keep my grip because of the moisture. So I tried using rubber dishwashing gloves. That was only a little better (still not great); but the grips on the gloves give me horrible looking tread marks on my dick, which I hate!

Which means that if I’m going to incorporate heat into my PE routine… I’ll have to blow some money on an infrared lamp.

To top it off, jelqs still don’t work for me…. I simply cannot generate the internal pressure necessary to get engorgement above and beyond a normal erection. It’s ulis/squeezes or nothing at all for me. Even then, when it’s all said and done, when the workout’s over, I’m still only thicker by .25”….the same as before the break. I had thought that “deconditioning” my dick would allow me to see greater expansion due to the tissues being more pliable…. well no such luck.

It’s like I never even took a break at all.


Breaks don’t always provide a gain, and you don’t necessarily see a gain the first session when you resume after a break.

Give it time and see what happens.



I’m in the same boat…except a longer break. Maybe we will realize our gains down the road a little, hopefully.

One foot to go

I’m the third guy in that boat and two days ago I started to row like crazy!!

Well not really , but I did start up again.

What I have found with the first few workouts (tonights session will be number 3) is that only a fraction of what I did before my break gives the same pumped feeling.

Hopefully this will allow me to gain again on the same routine I used before I hit the plateau.

Time will tell!


I’m confused. In an earlier post you indicated that the break was really helping you, and that you’d become a believer in breaks. Now you seem to be refuting that earlier thread.


Originally Posted by wadzilla
I’m confused. In an earlier post you indicated that the break was really helping you, and that you’d become a believer in breaks. Now you seem to be refuting that earlier thread.

What happened is this:

I did gain that extra .25” during the break - and it’s still there now.

Now that the 1 month is over, I have resumed PE. I was expecting the break to have made more tissues less tough and therefore more pliable - and that this would be reflected in my workouts upon my return.

Usually, when I do a cable clamp Uli, my girth gets up to about 6.5”. This would only last while the clamp was on, and once removed, girth went down to about 6.25”, which would last for a little while, before going back down to the usual 6”.

When I resumed PE the other day, I found that I didn’t even get to 6.5” girth while clamped - heck, it was barely even 6.25” while clamped. The same thing happened during today’s workout. Can’t understand why my tissues have seemingly gotten even harder to stretch during my month off. Manual stretches, same thing. Normally my BP flaccid stretched is 8.38”, and can go up to 8.625” after a good stretch workout. I was barely hitting 8.5”, though, the other day - and that was after stretching over heat, to boot.

This decrease in post workout size cannot possibly be helpful for growth.

The whole unit, if anything, seems even tougher than before. Unless my hands are just deconditioned and lost some pulling strength during the month off - which wouldn’t explain the experience with the cable clamp.

The only thing positive is that the gain I picked up during the break is still there. I can deal with the frustration better knowing that at 8 x 6 I’m in pretty good shape, even if I can never gain again - but I still want 9”.

Greedy bastard, huh? The 6” crowd is probably wondering what the hell I have to complain about!

Well, I’m not giving up. Maybe this is a fluke. Maybe in a week or so my workout will pick back up. Maybe I’m overreacting; maybe I just need a few workouts to get back into the swing of things.

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