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Small Glans and Foreskin Restoration


Hey Stick, long time no see post. How you been? Have you stuck to your nut sac stretching routine? I’m up to 10 rings but I’m looking for an industrial collar to use - they don’t have a tendency to slip off like the rings do. They came off and hit the floor the other day at the grocery store, a lady was standing about 6 feet away, I just muttered something like “damn drapery rings must have worn a hole in my pocket” then I went flying 3 aisles over real quick. You take care,


ROFL….that shit is funny as hell…I’ll bump up the nut sac thread….

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Wow !

For me is so weird to see such a large thread regarding this, never thought this would be a matter of so much discussion, being that I was not circumcised, I encounter other problems, it keeps getting in the way of my jelqing !

I have what you might call “normal foreskin”, it covers my glans like it should and then some, and I keep grabbing more skin than I should in every jelqing, so I end up having to apply more pressure, just enough so I don’t hurt myself, for me to be able to feel the “pump”.

PS I use lots of lube and I’m thinking of switching to dry jelqing.

Best of luck to all of you and yes having foreskin sure has its perks !

Happy growth everyone.

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This was a very good thread to read. Like most things in life, one does not think about what one does not have. I was circumcised at birth. I don’t think it had anything to do with “religious” reasons. I had my two boys circumcised. Again, had nothing to do with “religious” reasons. I can honestly say growing up I was never around uncut guys. I have a cousin who is uncut. His story is he is uncut only because his mom delivered him that morning and checked out of hospital that evening. I will say this thread has caused me to wonder if I have missed out on something.

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Hi, sorry if my message is difficult to understand, I’m Argentine and Spanish forum on there is not much information on this subject. I was circumcised for phimosis boy, and I am currently restoring my foreskin glans insensitivity. I’m using a tape covered mantenermel foreskin (if not using tape penis is half covered if smaller than normal, in a good flaccid size does not.). Improved sensitivity much (aided by the use of cream for dry skin) but do not think it necessary. You think the method I use has a downside or run some risk?

From already thank you, greetings.

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I don’t know if anyone is still interested in this, but there is a lot of great info on foreskin restoration now.

I am unfamiliar with the term "ADS" used in this quote.

Originally Posted by r0ad_h0gg
In response to WannaBeHung’s question “Wow, some GREAT info r0ad_h0gg. My concern is a little bit different though. Let me try and explain my situation, and you can tell me how you would assess the problem.”


I have had the exact same problem as you describe - the CC gets hard but the CS stays soft. My penis was this way from as early as I can remember as a result of my circumcision. In this state the sex isn’t nearly as good for the woman as it could be - you can screw the heck out of her like this and it won’t make her come. I know how to help you with this - you will be able to get an extremely engorged mushroom head with out a ring.

The way nature works is quite simple to understand. When you have a sexual dysfunction, would it make sense for the glans to become hard first without a hard shaft or the opposite? The glans is the last thing to erect. You aren’t getting to the full stages of an erection. Although, you can still penetrate a female for reproduction - right?

Your problem is insufficient blood flow to your genitals. This problem will never correct itself if you smoke or chew snuff. Somehow you have inadvertently narrowed your penile arteries (circumcision, smoking, etc.) which prevents a full erection. If you can get the blood to flow down there, you will be able to have an amazing erection that will lock itself up and stand straight up on end. In this state, the whole penis along with the glans will also become larger than you are used to seeing. You won’t believe your eyes if you ever get this to occur. Don’t buy into the crap about having a congenital venous leak. This is most definitely a problem caused by circumcision but the medical industry claims that some males are born with a congenital venous leak. Bullshit!

The way I was able to achieve a full glans was to quit smoking for two months and wear an ADS for half hour wearings as many times as I could everyday. With in two weeks, the ADS opened up my penile arteries and I got an erection bigger then I have ever had in my life. Also, just jelqing alone can help this if done correctly. Circumcision has a natural tendency to reduce blood flow to the penis and if you combine this with smoking you’re screwed.

It doesn’t look as though you have any extra skin when erect. Foreskin restoration will also help your penile/genital blood flow. The t-tapes act as an ADS. Unfortunately, there’s no real easy way to do restoration. Do a search for “pill tube method foreskin restoration” on the web. To me, this would be an easier way, but I prefer t-taping. What ever you do, don’t waste your money on any of the foreskin restoration devices - I think they are all a waste of money as you can easily make what ever it is that you will need. Also, some of the devices are very dangerous to wear.


I apologize for my ignorance but what is this “ADS” that you are speaking of? I haven’t seen this term yet and this thread is very helpful as I’ve been dealing with decreased blood flow due to circumcision as well. Thanks in advance for your response!


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