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Skin conditioning

Skin conditioning

How do you guys maintain the skin on your gun? If we spend so much time trying to make it better, surely we can spend whatever few minutes it would take to take care of the skin and insure a soft, smooth, blemish free pole for our playmates…

Seriously, I am curious…what works best? Lotions? Oils? Applied at bedtime?



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Hey man,

“Banana Boat” vitamin E and aloe vaselin-like cream that I use during jelqing makes the tool noticeably smoother and the skin softer. I don’t wash it off completely before going to bed (I do my exercises right before bed) to keep the healing/mosturizing effect on for longer. That’s all I do, and I see that the results are pretty good. I think vitamin E and maybe to a lesser degree aloe are crucial for skin / tissue healing and softness.


Re: Skin Conditioning

I use cocoa butter for conditioning the snakeskin. I like to apply it after my morning shower. I use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E. Helps to hide blemishes and reduce stretch marks and makes my unit silky smooth.

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Uber - after hanging I use vitamin E oil from the vitamin section. It’s meant to be consumed, but makes a great oil for the member. It absorbs quickly. I’ve used other lotions, but they always irritated my skin. Then I found lubriderm sensitive - it has no scents or coloring or lanolin - it works well also.

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