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Size Experiment


Size Experiment

1) Take a sheet of typing paper, lay it down flat, width-wise.
2) Measure over 6.5” from the left side, then mark it with a pen.
3) Roll up the paper so that the far edge lines up with the mark you made.
4) Carefully tape it while holding the mark.

You are now looking at an 8.5 x 6.5 cylinder….28.58 cubic inches, nearly 1 pound of pussybeef. Freakin’ huge, ain’t it?

I tried the experiment to 7” girth….forget it. I’d never ever fit that in my wife. In addition, I’d probably suffer from the lack of availability of willing sexual partners….unless I frequented the slut market down in the city.

This has caused me to rethink my goals. Seven girth is out of the question. I will shoot for 6.5” limit (I’m a hair under 6.2” now anyway). For length, I’ll stick with 220 mm (about 8.66”).

Whoever aspires for 9 x 7, 10 x 8 - or more - should carefully think it over. While you’d end up with a shocking penis (if you achieved it), you might also find it nearly unusable. You might find yourself having to search for freaks….or consign yourself to a life of masturbation.

Over 6” you probably have to think carefully about anal sex too. Though being impressed can drive people to want to experience that kind of girth, you’re probably limiting long term contacts to people who are into fist fucking. Everything will stretch to accomodate but there’s always a stretch too far.

Then there’s oral sex. I personally don’t have the most capacious mouth but I’m not unique so I balk at much more than 6”. Nothing worse than giving bad head beacause your teeth are digging in when you don’t want them to or because your jaw locks.

Good idea to visualise where you want to be and put it in the context of expected usage.

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What an awesome idea Wadzilla. Just tried it out - man that would be some serious cockage. Checked it out in the mirror - ooh yeah! Even discovered that I could give myself head - if I ever felt desperate - at that size. Quality!

You’re right, though, 8.5 * 6.5 is a scary looking piece of meat.


Having read about girth sizes on here for a while now I’d never really had a concept of what they actually looked like.

I found a tube of silicone sealant in my garage and measured it out of interest. It measured 8.5x6 and looks freekin’ huge!

I’m astounded that people have girths larger than this and would be suprised if they got many BJ’s. I only have a current girth of 4.5” and head girth of just over 5” and usually can feel teeth scrapes on the head. My wife wouldn’t get 6” in her mouth and would probably even struggle with 5.5”.

I’d love to be able to say that I had an 8.5x6 dick, but would sure miss the old BJ’s. lol :D

I would say that for guys playing the market with many different partners that over 6” girth is pushing the limit, in fact 6” itself is pushing it.. I started out around 6.5 girth at the midshaft and know my wife had problems @ first with it.. After being together 8 plus years she can now take 7.5 midshaft post workout girth with no problem, neither does she have a problem taking 8.5 BPEL once the correct angle to go past the cervix is established….

I’ve never been a big fan of blow jobs because of the teeth issue and since I never got used to getting them I do not know what I’m missing. In other words I’m not missing anything… Anal sex is another issue and I can attest that girth seems to be a negative factor in getting to fuck hot ass! I get a measly once per year deal with my wife and that was only because she made a very bad mistake that I caught her on so she is stuck with dealing with me in her ass once year…

If I was having serious problems with what size I am currently I would call it good… Things being as they are my wife is only 4’11”, small @ Asian and once the angle is correct she WANTS me to pound as hard as I can, she seems to really get off on it… I’m going to keep slogging it out for my 9” NBPEl standing measurement x whatever girth I get when I hit the length… All depends on the girl I guess…



Thanks for the visual model, it works great. I’m not changing my goals (8x6.5 current 6x6) but it does give me a very good idea what I’m trying to obtain.

Try it guys, you’ll be amazed

Life isn't fair, but why be bitter? Life is way too short to go though with a bad attitude.

I agree with Regularwhiteguy that even 6” is pushing it if you’re getting around. I’ve had intercourse with only 4 women, but of them, 2 took adjusting to my 6” girth. One of them never really fully adjusted — there’d always be some soreness for a day afterward, even though we used lube and she was pre-aroused — while the other did, but it took 4 separate attempts at sex before she was able to take me at the beginning! I know she’s unusual, but the point is, if you like sleeping around, 5.5” is probably enough to be safe. Personally I don’t have the alpha-male confidence to attract the one-night stands, so the girth is fine for me, since the vast majority of women can adjust to 6” (and enjoy it) with time.

I tried that, and even my “dick” looks huge when checking that paper cylinder :O

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

LOL.. I’ve been doing this since day one. I just assumed everyone was doing the same! I don’t have a tape measure, so I had to improvise.

I have a bunch of tubes of different sizes up to my goal size (starting from 5.5” ranging up to 6”). I checked progress by fitting my dick into each tube. When I had to use a little bit of force to get my dick through the tube, I had hit that size.

Wad, great minds think alike eh? :)


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

I think that once you’re 5.25” girth, you’re already in the doubtful area if you want anal sex from most women.

I’ve done this paper tube thing several times in the past. It’s amazing how large whichever size you are looks when it’s a paper cylinder compared to looking down at yourself.

Perhaps this is what a 8”x6” monster looks like to female that doesn’t obsess over it… Scary..


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Wadzilla, scary size isn’t it? And of course you can always revive the size experiment that BBS, the forum ladies, and I all did. Run around the house kitchen or garage with a tape measure; Measure big dick shaped items and try to put them in your mouth. I have a little mouth, if I was gay you would all be to big for me!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

C’mon RU, you know you don’t have to be gay to suck cock. :D

I’d still like 10x6, but then I’m insane.

I apologize.

this is why I have just stopped at 7.3 by 6.4. I feel perfectly good with my size and now am exercising to improve my bloodflow, which could possibly make it bigger. I am now working on breaking it in by losing my virginity. I just might get some condoms and an escort.

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