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Size does not realy matter?


Size does not realy matter?

Sorry I know this has been discussed a thousand times but I don’t ever remember this exact spin being done.

Ok what does this mean when you here this from women. So to do this lets look at the Kinsey length data a little bit and perform some analysis; graph at bottom

percent length
0.2 percent 3.75 inches
0.3 percent 4 inches
0.2 percent 4.25 inches
1.7 percent 4.5 inches
0.8 percent 4.75 inches
4.2 percent 5 inches
4.4 percent 5.25 inches
10.7 percent 5.5 inches
8 percent 5.75 inches
23.9 percent 6 inches
8.8 percent 6.25 inches
14.3 percent 6.5 inches
5.7 percent 6.75 inches
9.5 percent 7 inches
1.8 percent 7.25 inches
2.9 percent 7.5 inches
1 percent 7.75 inches
1 percent 8 inches
0.3 percent 8.25 inches
0.3 percent 8.5 inches
0.1 percent 8.75 inches
0.1 percent 9 inches

Here is the girth

Inches Percentile
1.50” 0.3%
1.75” 0.4%
2.00” 0.4%
2.25” 1.2%
2.50” 0.3%
2.75” 0.3%
3.00” 0.4%
3.25” 0.4%
3.50” 0.9%
3.75” 1.1%
4.00” 6.3%
4.25” 6.3%
4.50” 17.1%
4.75” 11.7%
5.00” 24.1%
5.25” 9.9%
5.50” 11.5%
5.75” 3.0%
6.00” 3.9%
6.25” 0.5%
6.50” 0.5%
6.75” 0.1%

Ok so there is is the data so what does it mean well 89.5% of all men have a length of between 5” and 7” so that means that statistically speaking that almost 90 out of 100 guys fall into this range, 7 above 7”, and about 3 guys will be smaller then 5”. So if you really think about it why would most women say size matters when most will never experience a big guy. If you pay attention to the talk on CDS orgasms most people will probably agree that for most women you need 7.5” in the right position to make them have them that is less then 6 guys out of 100. Yes women all hear of the big ones but most never will experience them!!! So they look. and hear of them but they just drool like we drool over all the hot women in playboy or the likes of that. By the way the few that do experience them would probably have a very high conversion rate to “size queens” at least in my opinion. Ok so know lets look at girth, 93.8% of men fall between 4” and 6” circumference. Again this means that about 94 out of 100 fall in this range, 5 will be below 4”, and 1 above 6”. Hold on wait a second that is a very large range for girth for an average we had better take a better look at this range with the average lengths included. Volume figured by circular circumference

length girth volume
1. 7” 6” 20.05”
2. 6” 6” 17.19”
3. 5” 6” 14.32”
4. 7” 5” 13.92”
5. 6” 5” 11.94”
6. 5” 5” 9.95”
7. 7” 4” 8.91”
8. 6” 4” 7.64”
9. 5” 4” 6.37”

As you can see girth makes a tremendous difference in the amount of volume your penis has. I mean a 5”x6” is actually a larger penis then a 7”x5”. So this is where there is a catch, to women saying that size does not matter. As almost always when speaking of size and comparing them, men and women talk about length and not girth. However women really do care about girth as heard through out many a forum and from my experience from talking to women and what my wife says girls reactions were when she showed them about what my girth was (6”). So when women say size does not matter they do not think of that as lying as they are probably referring to length and they most likely have not had a big one length wise, but they are probably thinking in their heads. “but it does matter how big around it is”, guess what they aren’t lying either as size almost always is meant to be length. Just remember if you are around average you most likely have nothing to worry about and that personality and appearance will have a much greater impact on your success with women, and that technique can far out weigh most inadequacies in size as there is not that much of difference until you talk about the really big guy that is most likely less then 3 out of 100 men. So get over your size issues and PE for your self and not for confidence or women as unless you are going for bigger then 7”x6” a lot of women won’t drop their jaws as there really is not a lot of difference in size volume wise at least. Peace

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The Kinsey study, the men measured themselves using a card. They were also volunteers. This is why I ignore the length statistic from Kinsey. Larger men more likely to volunteer. Self measurement opens door for data fabrication for self delusion. Girth might be a little more believable, I don’t think girth was considered for sexual satisfaction back in the 1940’s like it is today. Again though no specification if its midshaft, or the largest measurement on base or glans. The Kinsey girth average is closer to 4.75.

Personally I don’t fully believe in the CDS experience yet, it is still in the early stages like how when the G spot was “discovered”. I’ve asked women and they just say it just hurts when it goes that deep. Some women enjoy the sensation from the cervix being hit but, some also like S&M :)

You are right that looks and personality out weigh penis size, BUT what most of us worry about is when our competition has equal personality, financial and physical attributes, and it comes down to penis size for the decision. That said, even a man with everything can’t keep a woman who wants to stray from straying :)

BEFORE 5.75 EL 4.8 EG Vagina Length Database

NOW 32yrs old 8.5 BPSL 7.75 BPEL 5.5-5.75-6.25* upper/mid/base EG 5.0 BPFL glans tip 5.0 FG shaft Hang, Stretch, Jelq, Pump, Clamp

Goal 8.0 EL 6.0 EG Asian - Thai 5' 10" uncircumcised

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Interesting point, Jm123. We all agree that girth is much more important to women than length.

However, I would still challenge a couple of things you say. First, when women say that size does not matter (that much, compared to other things), I think they are speaking about girth as well as length. As you agree, girth is way more important to women. I’m certain they understand that varying girths = varying sizes. Let’s give the gals some credit!

When they say that size does not matter (that much), I think they mean that as long as a guy is in the “average” range, or at least the upper part of the average range, then that’s good—indeed that’s very good, as many women don’t seem to like guys that are too big. It’s interesting, the point at which the percentages really drop off on the upper side (given your statistics) is the very size that many here have come to think is the standard “ideal” for most women—namely, 8 x 6!

Second, I don’t think it’s true that most women will never experience a big one. I believe it’s true that as a (very) general rule bigger guys get more action. In part, this is no doubt because of their increased confidence with pulling women. But I also think that some women make an effort to seek these guys out, even if it’s only to “see what it is like.”

My pre PE measurements were 7 x 5, so I was on the very top end of the average for length, and I was still reasonably high up the scale for girth. Nearly all the women I’ve slept with, and there have been quite a few, have slept with someone bigger than me, usually with a few men bigger than me (that is, bigger than I was pre PE!). And these are not the kind of girls to lie. At least, they wouldn’t have lied to me about that. Trust me, I’m certain about that.

Originally Posted by motivated

I believe it’s true that as a (very) general rule bigger guys get more action. In part, this is no doubt because of their increased confidence with pulling women. But I also think that some women make an effort to seek these guys out, even if it’s only to “see what it is like.”


You didn’t take that into consideration.

I believe that when women speak about a big one they can be talking about it was long, or it was thick, or it was both.

So the number of big guys from both girth and length categories need to be added together (and then subtract a few that would fit into both categories), and then the extra action they get (overall, and only in general of course ) must be taken into account, and then the number of guys the woman sleeps with figured in. It then doesn’t look so rare, as the women have been claiming. They may not always know numbers, but I think they see (and feel) enough average sizes, since these are the majority of sizes, to know when bigger comes along.


While looking up the data I believe I saw it was stated that it was taken mid circumference and as far as the data being correct I would have to believe it since every other major sample based study pretty much coincides with this data. Also CDS is beyond the cervix like I said, at least 7.5 is the consensus, and this usually happen when you bottom out and they are very aroused otherwise yes it could hurt.


Not a personal attack but have you ever been in a very serious longterm relationship with a girl? From all of my experiences and my friends, it is very difficult to get a straight answer about something simple from a women, let alone something as complicated and has serious ramifications on a relationship, as, does size really matter? I was very close to about 15 girls in high school (would talk very openly about their sexual experiences and their friends with me, like I was a girlfriend, I was the type they would marry but not date in high school due to not being exciting enough, which they reminded me quite frequently of, might I add) and let me tell you everyone of them, put importance on size, just not to the extreme we do, but they all pretty much would have not said that to a boyfriend, or 80% of the other stuff we talked about for that matter unless unequivocally asked that exact question and then they might still lie because of ramifications, (Stereotype alert) Women in general want to be seen in a good light, also women in men think very differently women shades and colors(emotions) men tend to think much more black and white(logic) this is cool that we think so differently but there none the less.

Beenthere and motivated;

Yes I did take that into account, but I guess I am mainly talking from the insecure type of guy perspective as this is what this question is about. Yes if you bang some chick from the bar on a one night stand there is a good chance she has had bigger, but I am looking at it from the point of view of marriage or serious relationship as why else would you care. Again most guys I don’t think are looking for the one night stand type of girl as “marriage” material due to the fact of worries of infidelity. So from that how many partners do you think the average women has had? My bet is around 6, probably not more then 10, as an average so if we extrapolate the statistics from a straight forward point of view they have had a 1 out of 10 chance of a guy that is larger then 7” and about 1 out of 10 for 5.75” so as you can see not very good odds that they have had a large one. If you even wish to increase it to 2 or 3 out of 10 which is a 200-300% increase which is EXTREME chances are then only 2 or 3 girls out of 10 that I would consider marriage material have had a large one note that this is not a monster as the odds would drop extremely sharp for this.

Siamguy I found the reference for mid shaft measurement here is a link to Google cached version as I had some trouble viewing it without registering fairly interesting if not rehashed and yes I agree with inherent flaw to self measurement but the data does not appear to be too skewed in any self measurement study.…is-531511.shtml

The Kinsey Institute of Sex Research conducted the biggest and most famous penis size study ever attempted. It was done in 1948 and involved 3,500 college males. Their findings indicated that the average erect length was 6.21 inches and the average erect girth was 4.85 inches. Flaccid length was found to be 3.89 inches and flaccid girth 3.75 inches on average.

Measurements of the length of the penis were taken when the penises were erect from a point at the base of the penis where the top of the penile shaft meets the pubic area (the peno-pubic junction) to the tip of the glans (“head”). For uncircumcised men the foreskin was retracted. Girth was measured at mid-shaft around the circumference of the penis when the penis was erect.

It is critical to note that the information used in the survey was based on men who measured themselves. Volunteers in the study held a postcard against their penis and marked their length on the card, which was later measured. These methods are in no way scientific, which is why there has been much debate over the accuracy of these results. Additionally, only white, male college students were included in the survey, so it didn’t represent a wide diversity of races or ages.

Jm123, marriage material?? , strange word… this could sound a bit discriminating, but I can understand the point you want to bring over…

Being someone that is truly convinced that size does not really matter (with the exception of some rare disoder like micro-penis), the thing is that probably size does matter more in the psychological department as in the fisical… applying more to men as for women. Doubts about been not adequate let rise some fears and consequently destroying our self-esteem, and when you follow the chain, you may see that in the end, it affects mens performance in bed. Then, we may only find a reason for that problem in the “size matter” question, turning it to a vicious circle…

This is really sad, and it is very far from the reality…




Since you’re using Kinsey, I’ll stay with that chart here for comparison.

Kinsey was non bone pressed, because they put a postcard up to the skin and marked. Looking at the chart the length % takes a very sharp % drop off at 7.25”. So I think this would indicate the out of average range start up. 7 1/2% of guys fell into that size and above.

Turning to the girth chart. The sharp % drop off begins at 5.75”. 8% of guys fell into that size and above.

Adding the two charts together we come up with 15.5% of guys. Let’s take off 1.5% for guys that fall into both categories. That leaves 14%, or 1 in every 7 guys. Now just based on that we can see that about 1 in 7 will be thicker or longer or both than she usually has.

Sizesurvey claims that in general a bigger guy averages about a 2 to 1 margin in number of women he has sex with. Seems logical to believe.

Charts: 14 out of 100 big

86 out of 100 average or small

Factor in 2 to 1 margin from sizesurvey:

The big guys seem doubled in number from the womens’ experiences——

28 out of 100 big

86 out 100 average or small

100 divided by 28 equals 3.5.
She has a one in 3 or 4 chance to meet big.

One more thing. If one believes all races are about equal, then the equation can stop above. If not, then her chances of meeting big must be moved up or down based on that also.

Edit: I now see you posted about how and who Kinsey measured.

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I would have to agree with you on size not truly mattering if you are average. I was just hoping to subside some fears of size, and also show that where size can make a huge difference is girth. I just was trying to essentially calm the fear of all the MONSTER cocks that came before you with your girl, are at least statistically speaking, extremely hard to believe, and that a good portion of women could say that to push your buttons to get the upper hand in a relationship. Since if you don’t measure up you might try harder to please them in other aspects, or that you offended them and made them feel like a slut for asking them that, so they decide to say hell yeah, your puny, I’ve seen house flies with bigger ones then you. Because what would they gain early in a relationship for throwing the ball into your court, and let you know that you hold all the cards as you are the biggest or even the same as the others, or she honestly couldn’t even tell the difference. So you wouldn’t have to have any insecurities about yourself? As she does about her performance, or her LOOKS, which is an extremely major insecurity with most women, so they just fuck with you to have some more power of their own.


I have to disagree with your adjustment factors as I think it is more likely that about 30-50% of the big guys have both as most penis’s are fairly symmetrical so at 30% that would be 15.5% x .7 = 10.85% ok on two the sexual interactions. I don’t know about you but I have met a lot more women that had extremely high counts 20+ by 20 years old then I have met men, so I can’t possibly agree to your flat out even multiplication. Also again I am trying to speak from the average persons point of view and I can’t see some one who has had about 6 partners having that casual of a relationship but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say 1.27, this is based on 84.5 men sleeping with 6 unique women = 507 women and 15.5 sleeping with 12 unique women =186 women, so 186/693total women with no repeats to be even across the board=.268 multiplication factor so 10.85x1.27= 14.8645% so this means that any given shot that a women has an odd of sleeping with some one above average, NOT HUGE, but ABOVE AVERAGE in only one category and being at or below average in the other category is less then 15%. So what does this mean, well the chances are the average girl has a 15% of sleeping with someone who is above average at any given time. So more likely then not most women have never slept with anyone that is above average. Please mind you I am going with 6 partners as I think that should be a fair number on average.

30% have both? Lucky guys.

I see you did include the 2 to 1 ratio by doubling the women in your last post. I missed that for a moment, but noticed it after reading your post again.

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Yes, I have had quite a few serious relationships, ranging anywhere from one to four years. Don’t worry, I didn’t take offense at your question. I know that the comment I made about trusting what women say to me on this matter is bold. I even had someone PM me about the matter.

I have to correct one thing, however. In my above post I said that nearly all the women I’ve slept with have slept with someone bigger than me. What I was referring to, even though I did not state this clearly, is that nearly all the women I’ve been in a relationship with have slept with someone bigger than me. Only once in my experience did the “size” issue come up during a one night stand. This girl volunteered the comment to me, “Your big!” But I think she was just trying to get on my good side, which she didn’t.

Still, I’ve been in many relationships. All of them have been serious, even though some have been longer than others. My certainty is the result of the kind of women I get involved with. There is really no need for me to say anything more here. I’m certain other guys will confirm what I’ve said.

I agree with you, I think we all do, that girth is much more important to women than length. My main reason for wanting more length is so that my dick will not look too blockish when I start packing on more girth. Girth is my main goal.

I also agree that fewer women have experienced or may ever experience “MONSTER cocks,” as you put it in your more recent post. By this I have in mind true 10+ length and/or 6.8+ girth! But I do think a lot of women have experienced above average penises, say, 7-9 length and 5.5-6.5 girth.

I also think that the average Western women of today has slept with a lot more than 10 men. Perhaps not if they are still in their very early twenties. But by the time they have got to their thirties, let alone forties, they’ve racked them up. When I was at college, both undergraduate and graduate, a lot of the women I knew there slept with way more than 10 guys just during their time at college. After all, they were there to get an education!!!

Lastly, I don’t think you can use a straight-line method of averaging women’s experience with male members. Almost certainly, men who are below average have, as a general rule, far fewer sexual experiences. Conversely, those bigger than average guys are, again as a general rule, getting a lot more action. I know one guy who has a big dick. He is very aware of the fact that he is unique in that department and that women are, at the very least, curious about such things. He has slept with an absolutely obscene number of women, I’m talking close to 400. In fact, when him and I were at university, he easily slept with most of the women I knew.

I can’t say for myself that just because my stuff is 8.5x6 that I’m more confident with women. It takes alot more to get attention from a woman. Especially when you are with a woman for an extended period of time, she will get used to your “big” thing and it’s not gonna play much of a role anymore.

<Hijack>nice size soon!</hijack>

“So if you really think about it why would most women say size matters when most will never experience a big guy.”

I sort of agree with motivated, on the above statement, that most well endowed guys screw many more girls than small to average sized guys do. They are more confident and therefore have more prowess than a smaller, less confident guy.

Girls also talk amongst themselves, gossiping about the guy’s they’ve dated who were small and big, so the big guys get a lot more girls giving them signals that they’re interested. Where I grew up the guys who had reputations as “big” got ALL the girls. Everyone knew who they were, and we’d hear every weekend about who was fucking who. These guys were always in those conversations.

At one point nearly ALL the popular white girls in my class started going out with black guys - kind of like a trendy thing. I asked one girl, who was a friend of mine, why this was such a trend and she smiled and said it was because of their nice bodies. I asked naively “because many work out a lot in the gym?” and she busted out laughing and said “no, because all the girls think they have really big cocks”.

Anyway, the promiscuity of the large guys coupled with the increased female attention, IMO increases the chances that girls have experienced a big guy.

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