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*sigh* Thinking of throwing in the towel...


You went from being well below average to average in length, and got a big girth gain too ( I have had no girth gain). If you use the formula for calculating penis volume (the volume of a cylinder), I bet your dick is almost twice as big in total volume. Don’t be so pissed off!

PEOPLE, science is on your side! Its a scientific fact that over 90% of the nerve endings in the female genital are found in the external anatomy (ie, clitoris, lips, etc) and 3 INCHES into the vaginal cavity. Yes gentlemen, 3 inches into the vaginal cavity!!! So you don’t have to be hung like a horse to please a woman. I’m not trying to act like I don’t want a bigger penis either, thats just the way we (males) are wired. We want to destroy, lol. So even if your sporting a 5 incher….you’re qualified for the job. Of course a long schlong looks good in the mirror and may be impressive to a woman when she first sees it because its an obvious visual spectacle but it definately doesn’t make you a good lover. For those of us still giving PE a shot (including myself), good luck. For anyone else thinking about throwing in the towel…its ok. You gave it a try and it didn’t work the way you thought…no big deal. 5 inches is all it takes.

Originally Posted by aicdeftone
a long schlong … definately doesn’t make you a good lover …

But it gives a lot of space for a take-off


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