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*sigh* Thinking of throwing in the towel...

Has anyone ever thought that maybe part of PE is mental? Those that think negatively and believe they won’t gain from a session really set themselves up for that. The body is an amazing thing and while we know alot, we don’t know everything. I think that a change in attitude may do wonders for your progress.

I started PE almost 4 years ago. I gained 1/2” EL in the 1st month. A total of 1” in 3 months. This was 95% manual stretching with the rest jelking. After a few months passed I began hanging. But even being consistent and increasing weight as I learned how to wrap properly and attach the hanger for best results… I experience good skin stretch but no measurable length gains. After about a year total I focused on girth excersises (ULI, jelking and wrapping) and gained about 1/2” in girth. Since that time I have hung for hours and hours… jelked for hours and hours… and have only marginal gains to show for it. Maybe 1.2” total EL gains and .6” EG.

Honestly, I am THRILLED!!! Sure I wish that I had gained more and I am still trying and probably will always do some type of PE for maintenance if nothing else. I went from feeling “tiny” to feeling “adequate” and that took the little dick monkey off my back that had been there 25 years (since puberty). My last girl friend (who never missed an opportunity to slight me when angry) truthfully said to me she felt I was BIGGER than average!!! Halleluya :D

Now, due to my personal experience and lots of reading here and elsewhere… my personal theory is that MOST penises have a certain amount of natural stretch or give that normal erection force does not maximize. By doing PE excersises I believe that this can be maximized… hence the quick gains followed by long plateaus that most report. Extended PE may cause the body to experience hyperplasia of the cell tissue once this extension is achieved and thereby “cementing” the gains.

Gains past this point must come from finding ways to stretch the structures past their natural range frequently enough and for long enough for the body either the stretch to become a permanent deformation and or increased tissue grown.

For some the last paragraph seems to be easier. Of course the amount of natural stretch ability is an individual variable ranging from virtually none to probably 2” x 1.5”. Again, this is my theory.

Originally Posted by deadeye3200
How many inches did you gain on your biceps in the same amount of time you were working on your PE? Or your forearms? Those are entire muscle groups and it’s still hard to put on inches in a years time. I just think you need to be a little more realistic. It’s good to have to high golds and great expectations. The reason is to stay motivated. Your high golds are seemingly not motivating you but discouraging. Might want to reevaluate your mind set.

Or pull harder like Juke suggests?

I would venture to say that I have gained nearly 4 inches on my arms from the day I started. I wouldn’t know for sure but im going by shirt size. I put on a shirt that used to have PLENTY of arm space in there before I started to lift. Could stick another hand in the sleeve without a problem….4 monthes ago I found it and the sleeves were so tight I ripped them trying to put it on. It was a boyscout uniform so those things aren’t the easiest things to get to rip….if that tells ya anything.

I’d say you did good Wanna. I think it is a ratio thing more than anything else. In other words 1 inch increase in length to a guy that starts with 5 inches. Is 1/5 or 20% increase in size. A guy that starts with 8 inches and has a 1 inch increase it only 1/8 or 12.4 %increase in size. Put even more simply a guy that starts with a 1 inch penis and gains an inch has doubled the size of his penis and a 100% increase in size.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I suspect that we are only going to increase a certain % anyway. The good thing about starting small is your increase makes a much bigger difference. You started with 5” (thats pretty small) Now your at 6” that can be a respectable size especially with good girth.

Women are more concerned with good girth than length.

Are the length measurements you gave bone pressed? Or actual length?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hey Boys!

I really share your frustation, gained nada in the last 9 month.

I just learned about LOT and I am about 8:30. And I have almost only been stretching SD so I was thinking, maybe that’s why.

Started at about 6.5 and jelqed myself to about 7.5 in no time.

I have not been measuring in 9 month so I was very disappointed when I found out that I have not been gaining anything when I was expecting like close to half an inch.

My new routine will look smething like this: 1 hour stretch (3x20) staight up and probably 30 min SD and 15 min jelq before sleep.

It would be nice with some inputs and expert advices.

I almost forgot, my goal is a 8.5 x 6 inch monster.

It is so easy to read about the big gainers & thing that’s the norm. I’ve always wondered about the total population, including the lurkers who never post. I would think that big gainers are over-represented in the population of guys who post. The net result of this is that it’s easy to think that a 2x1 gain is the norm. It would be nice to see a poll of total gain vs time, if you could get the lurkers to answer the poll, then everyone could have a realistic view of how much to expect. (I don’t mean to imply that there’s anything inherently wrong with lurking.)

If you want a motivational boost, calculate the percentage increase you’ve had in penis volume.

Hey Wanna7.5,

Me too, I had good beginners results, 0.7 inch gain by jelquing. But for two years now, I have not seen a single mm gain.
I have never stretched manually. Did hanging, but no gains.
Now I am in a “new” jelq routine. Want to invest less time but to increase intensity. 15 min slow strong jelqs. with a lot of hot wrap.
Maybe some manual excercises when I am in my off-days.

Currently I think that the reason for all the non-gaining time was overworking. And my unit can be overworked simply as far from what I have experienced up till now.

“started PE almost 4 years ago. I gained 1/2” EL in the 1st month. A total of 1” in 3 months. This was 95% manual stretching with the rest jelking. After a few months passed I began hanging. But even being consistent and increasing weight as I learned how to wrap properly and attach the hanger for best results… I experience good skin stretch but no measurable length gains.”

Interesting. Me too, I optimised the wrapping and attaching stuff. Went up to 19 lbs or so but did not see any gains.
And with manual stretches you have achieved gains? Afterwards also? Or just at the beginning??



this thread is actually quite encouraging…I’m one of those guys that has never seen gains. It is interesting that there are many of us…I do believe it is possible—-has to be possible with so many celebratory posts….Makes me feel better that there are more hard gainers out there than I originally thought. Good Luck guys…

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

I can certainly understand the discouragement, but if I were to stop gaining at all, I wouldn’t give up no matter what. If it took experimenting with one hour warmups, supplements I’m interested in but haven’t tried to see if they may help (like MSM being said to keep connective tissue limber), trying different methods of the same exercise (like jelging at a different erection level, or a different hanging weight philosophy). If you want it bad enough, never give up. Turn over all the stones looking for the answer.

I wonder if steroids will help….at least in the girth department. If I can get another .5 inches in girth I think that I would be satisfied. I will be taking steroids anyways, not just because of PEing, but because of body building as well. I will be taking ~550mg of testosterone/week. From what I understand, the body doesn’t even make 100mg of testosterone a week. Please don’t tell me to not take this because of the dangers. I have thought of it long and hard and have decided that the pros outweighed the cons, for me anyways. No, steroids will NOT shrink the penis, however WILL shutdown normal testes function, but the reason is because of the overwhelming amount of test. in the bloodstream. I have researched quite extensively before taking the plunge and know how to get “the boys” up and running again after I come off. I will be doing a 16 week cycle, tho a bit longer than many, it is far better than some who stay on or “bridge” their cycles. Enough rambling….maybe the increased levels that the test. and other steroids I am stacking with it will help my gains somewhat.

Only time will tell….tho I have heard of people in their 20’s getting bigger while using hGH (human growth hormone) but that stuff is just too much $. Oh, and all the stuff over the counter that supposedly boosts hGH naturally is BS, don’t waste your time or money on it.

Alright, thanks everyone….maybe i’ll report back after my cycle (starting in January) to tell you if it does have an effect or not. Good Luck to the rest of ya…

It’s your body. I won’t feel bad in my body if you take shit like that, so go ahead. :P


if you gained a full inch from 5” to 6” in one year that is excellent. If you want to continue, just hang (no pun) around here and take it easy. I have taken over 18 months to gain 1” but that includes several breaks of days to weeks.

I like to consider the growth in percentage of volume and compare it to skelatal muscle growth from lifting weights.

If your dick is 15 to 20% bigger in volume that is quite an increase just like a similar increase in muscle mass.

Anyway, it works for me.

Currently I am developing a hanging routine that I hope results in another 1/2 inch in 6 months +/-.

If you do quit pe just do a light maintenance routine for a while to cement your gains.

good luck and enjoy your extra 1”


I am in the exact same goddamn boat as you! I have been at this (PE) for nearly 3 years now. I got some modest gains early on, but have not been gaining shit for a long time now. I started at 5.5X4.375 back at the beginning of March of 2002. I am now at 6.6X4.90, and that is on a good day! I too have tried everything. Changing routines, taking time off, etc. My gains came from mostly jelqing, squeezes, turnicate, hand stretches, and about 6 months using the 1 pound Circle Device. I quit the Circle about 6 months ago because of my employment situation (can’t wear it at work anymore).
most of my gains came in the first 6 months of PE anyway. The only thing I have not tried is pumping, which I am considering as a last resort. Girth is really what I am after at this point. I don’t know what the hell to do. I have considered quitting also. Everyone seems to make these huge gains early on. I was not too alarmed when I didn’t gain a lot fast, as I thought it would be gradual over time. Now, almost 3 years later, my shit should be dragging on the floor as I walk, according to many other’s rates of gain! I did gain about an inch in length and about 1/2 inch in girth. I know that is a major improvement, but why did it stop??? Have I been wasting my damn time the last 2+ years? 30 to 50 minutes a day, 4 days a week, nearly 3 years. Plus the time with the Circle. Very frustrating! I would appreciate any of the veteran’s suggestions about how to bust a big, nasty, fucking plateau. I just keep telling myself to stick with it and it will come eventually, but it just keeps getting harder to convince myself of that. Wanna7.5, I just wanted to let you know you are not alone! If you can get past your plateau, please let me know how you did it! Take care guys.

Fibrosis, it stops you dead in your tracks. Stretching steel cables would be easier.


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